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1.0 Drummer Household

– Life of Plums –
On Eggshells

Keon didn’t have to move far after finishing his degree.
Eden had arranged for him to move in with her – and her family.

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The family counted little Rohan – Eden’s son from a previous relationship…

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… and of course, Eden’s parents; Ekram and Eleanor Elderberry.

Things were not quite as rosy as Keon had expected them to be – remember, he does have that childish belief in everything always turning out for the better.

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Keon was surprised to learn that Eden was very easy to fall prey to her jealous trait. She would get tense and angry from what seemed like nothing to Keon. Eden really took it too far when she accused Keon of liking Eleanor, Eden’s mother, better than he liked her. Continue reading “1.0 Drummer Household”