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1.8 Time to Fight!

Vera has been so busy with saving StrangerVille that her fame has started to fade away – to no concern of hers whatsoever.


What does concern Vera is that she has to recruit some Sims to help her out with that gigantic weed in the lab basement. Who will be willing to risk their short life on something like that?

Before any of that really becomes relevant Vera needs to create some vaccines for whoever gets recruited. It seems it’s near impossible to find more hazmat suits in all of SimNation so vaccines are the way to go.

12-17-19_5-38-42 PM

Outside the lab, Vera spends a few minutes swearing at the crazy lightning storms that are haunting the area.

Once she’s safely inside she re-creates the good vaccine, she made a few days before. Amazing that she can remember how to do it.


Now, to find some Sims willing to risk their lives for the cause.

Saybia is the first to volunteer but Vera is having none of it.

12-17-19_5-24-57 PM

“No! I’m not risking the life of my only child on this… you HAVE to understand that!” Vera is practically shouting at Saybia. “Besides, you don’t have the right equipment!” Vera is sure that’s the winning argument and that she’ll hear no more from Saybia regarding volunteering.

She’s in for quite a surprise the next day when Saybia shows up in a full set of conspiracy theorist gear – colander hat and all.

12-17-19_5-52-24 PM

“I’m ready now! – You can’t stop me from helping. StrangerVille is my home and I want to save it just as much as you do!” Saybia’s determination leaves no room for arguments and Vera accepts her help.

“Okay – close your eyes or this might sting and burn…” *SPLASH*


Saybia gets her vaccine and is ready to go fight the gigantic weed.

Next to be recruited is Yuki. The scientist in her is too curious to be left behind on something as important as this…

12-17-19_6-00-05 PM12-17-19_5-58-55 PM

Last, but not least Tomas is recruited for the cause… or maybe it’s more correct to say he was guilted into joining. Vera made sure to mention his brave daughter and her future when asking him to join…

Somehow, I got the feeling that Vera really enjoyed splashing that vaccine in Tomas’ face.

Okay, here we go!

12-17-19_6-08-43 PM12-17-19_6-09-32 PM

The door opens with a sound that sounds an awful lot like a deep and annoyed sigh. Purple miasma floods the hallway and our team of reluctant heroes hesitate a second or two before running to their fighting positions.

Vera, again, chooses to fight the problem head on and positions herself firmly on the little platform right beneath the head… mouth? of the enormous weed-thing AKA ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř.

12-17-19_6-16-22 PM

I wonder if gardening skill might help here… It sure looks like they have all been equipped with super-soakers filled with Roundup.

Vera orders a CHARGE! and everyone gives all they’ve got…


Saybia might be young but she’s no doubt a valuable member of the team. Her skills from fighting bosses in video games might have helped her keep focus.

… Vera waits until ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř is almost done and then she throws the last batch of the vaccine at her.


They did it! – and I had to laugh when at the same moment as ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř died MCCC gave me a notification that Judith Ward had died – Vera’s Sim enemy and poor Estrella’s mother!

Congratulations Vera and StrangerVille!

victory12-17-19_6-22-07 PM

Time for celebrations and hugs – and Yuki left before anyone had a chance to thank her for helping.

Vera has completed her aspiration and the Generational Goal: Doomsday Preppers for the challenge.


Her prize is a hideous plant sculpture and knowing that StrangerVille is safe. Of course, she also gets fan mail – which is mostly lumps of clay. Thanks, fans!

Time to focus on getting maxing the charisma skill and getting that last promotion, which Vera does the next day.


Congratulations Vera! Spin Doctor Extraordinaire!

Saybia also has time to focus a little more on her school work and soon earns an A for her efforts – and a notice from the two universities in Britechester.


Saybia has been thinking about getting a degree – perhaps in Art History.
She applies for a couple of scholarships and is quite annoyed that despite her helping save StrangerVille she doesn’t get the StrangerVille Resident scholarship.

She does get the Future Star scholarship and a couple of notices about birthdays. Her dad is now an Elder and she herself will become a Young Adult within 24 hours.

Saybia makes the most of those 24 hours.
She volunteers at the local nursing home – and gets mighty bored from it but it earned her the last bit for her compassionate trait.


Luckily you can volunteer at any time of the days so Saybia was up before the crack of dawn to have fun with the elders – leaving enough time for her to also celebrate the Big Summer Blowout holiday with her friends.

Since all of them want to attend university they decide on a round of juice pong at the local bar in Britechester – to sort of get a feel for the area and all.

12-17-19_9-16-23 PMsummerfest

Next, they visit the Newcrest Public Pool where they have fun swimming and… Kingston you dork! Yes, it’s raining but… you’re at the pool!!

What a beautiful day and what a great way to end your teenage years.

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1.7 A Birthday and A Dire Discovery

It is time to celebrate Saybia’s birthday and what better way than with a visit to the Humour and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno?! Also, Vera has a job task that requires her to prank 5 Sims at the festival so yes, she has ulterior motives for celebrating the birthday at the festival.


She has asked Tomas to meet them at the festival – He looks like he wasn’t expecting Vera to bring that many kids but what is a birthday party without your best friends?

Vera has brought a chocolate cake and Saybia wastes no time. She is really looking forward to becoming a teenager. (A/N: You’ll have to excuse the bad lighting but it was rather dark at the festival – I think they forgot to turn on the light for the first half of the evening)


Make a wish, Saybia!!

...and so she did and then aged up to a beautiful teenager with the Slob trait – yay!


Besides being a kleptomaniac slob Saybia also finished two childhood aspirations, earning her the Creatively Gifted, and the Socially Gifted traits.

Saybia soon discovers that being a teenager is difficult – and Vera learns that having a teenager in the house is hard and frustrating.


“Come on, Saybia – you’ve only been a teenager for 3 hours and you’re already having a mental breakdown?!” Saybia was SO ready to get some sleep but she couldn’t leave Saybia crying alone in the dark.

I guess that maybe Saybia was sad that her friends didn’t age up with her or something…

Everything was back to normal the next day.
Saybia had a great day at school where she helped a friend cheat on a test and got a small boost to her own performance for it… sweet!


To help Saybia with her emotional control, she gets an easel and a diary. Vera is hoping that Saybia can paint and write her way out of any further breakdowns.
It seems to be working already.

Vera is also working on bettering herself.


The only thing keeping her from a promotion is that her charisma is not quite high enough. It’s been slow progress lately because some of Vera’s older friends have started dying off and it has left Vera in somewhat of a bad mood.

It has also made Vera realise that she won’t have forever to solve the problems in StrangerVille so she decides to get a move on.

Vera needs to figure out how to get her hands on a hazmat suit and figures that the Curio Shop might have one for sale – they DO sell all sorts other strange things so why not a hazmat suit?


The lady at the shop tells Vera that they do indeed have one but it’s missing a spore filter – all the while she’s casting nervous glances down the road where a suspicious van is parked.

Vera decides to buy the hazmat suit despite the missing spore filter because she knows someone who will surely be able to help her with that.

Vera and Yuki meet up at the library and try their best to act normal when the librarian keeps snooping around near them.


When she finally leaves Yuki tells Vera how to create infection profile data that Yuki will need for the spore filter.


Vera fumbles a bit and has a hard time remembering all the steps but in the end, it seems to finally be working.

The next day Vera and Yuki meet up again.


Yuki is really impressed with Vera’s work and thoroughly instructs her on how to proceed when she’s got the spore filter, which Yuki will construct as soon as she gets home and then send to Vera via mail.

Wauw – StrangerVille sure has some great postal service.
Vera has only just arrived home when she spots the package int he mailbox.


The next day vera is more than ready to investigate the parts of the lab where she couldn’t travel before.


She assembles the hazmat suit and goes to investigate…

At first, she’s very nervous – What if the spore filter doesn’t work properly?
She takes a few steps into the mist and is very relieved when she doesn’t feel any immediate nausea or headache.

Vera explores the lab and finds some pretty disturbing rooms. It looks as if they have been doing experiments on these plants – or were they created here and somehow it got out of hand…?

12-16-19_4-13-55 PM

Vera finds yet another locked door and uses her keycard to open it…

12-16-19_4-15-52 PM12-16-19_4-16-50 PM

Llama Plumbob – what IS that thing!?
Vera’s first reaction is to run and get out of there – never ever look back – move to Willow Creek or something…

While running (slowly, because of the hazmat suit) she realises that if she doesn’t stop this, no one probably will and then it won’t help is she and Saybia live in Willow Creek. This will just keep spreading until all of SimNation is covered in purple spores and miasma.

Vera tries to remember what Yuki said about possibly creating a vaccine… it’s hard and Vera decides on three different approaches.


Hopefully, one of them will work.

I’m sorry, Alice…
Vera splashes the first vaccine all over Alice – but it doesn’t really work…

v_test112-16-19_4-32-56 PM

… as in, there’s a reaction but nothing super useful – because who needs possessed Sims running around peeing themselves? Test-subject two unfortunately also pees herself.

Luckily, the last test-vaccine seems to have a better effect.


Test-subject 3 isn’t exactly cured, but he seems more aware and responsive. Vera decides to work hard on refining that last batch of the vaccine – tomorrow.

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1.6 Get a Move On, Vera!

StrangerVille at night – when you can really see the eerie purple glow at the crater that houses The Secret Lab. If you look close enough, you can even see all the strange, glowing plants in the dusty wasteland between the crater and the town itself…

12-11-19_9-57-33 AM

What might be even stranger than StrangerVille itself is that even with the apocalypse brewing just a few miles away life goes on as it would in any other neighbourhood of SimNation.

Parents are helping their children with the latest school project…

12-11-19_8-15-01 PM

“Are you sure this is meant to be a display of the planets, Saybia?” Vera tries to scratch her head in confusion but her action instead makes her colander hat tilt off keel. “I think they gave us the manual for the castle diorama…”

Friends are being made – Best friends too.


Estrella and Saybia will always have each other’s back – no matter what.

Jared Barrett and Saybia enjoy playing soccer together – even if Saybia isn’t quite as good as Jared


Saybia consoles herself with the thought that she’s still better at soccer than Estrella.

Kingston Hecking (Brent and Brant’s son) and Saybia seem to enjoy just being quiet together – they don’t talk much but they always seem to agree on everything, nonetheless.


Kingston might have a crush on Saybia. On a pretty lame and boring Loveday which only offered a small happy event at school, Kingston took it upon himself to make Saybia some Loveday decorations – maybe to cheer her up.


He’s such a sweet little guy ❤

Anyway – as normal as things might seem to be it’s not quite truthful. I guess Sims, like most people, prefer to pretend that everything is okay and normal.


However, the normal approach is getting increasingly hard to maintain.
Vines have taken over at the local gym – and Vera who is used to them tackles the problem head-on – all the other Sims there seem to look at each other daring someone to step up and clear the second vine – but doing so would require that someone actually admits that something is wrong – that’s a tough one.

“Come on, guys! Help me out here – there are still four showers we need to clear…” Vera’s pleas are firmly ignored…

Vera turns to Tomas for help because something has to be done and Vera figures that she and her friends will probably have to clean up this mess that is StrangerVille.


The two of them meet up at the bar and Tomas shows Vera pictures of this new thingamajig he been given by the military.
Vera is keen on getting her hands on one of these scanners herself because she has read that she’ll probably need a hazmat suit with an air filter to get further into the basement under the lab. The air filter needs to be custom made for the environment you’re trying to avoid getting into contact with and the scanner might help her find spore samples and other useful data.

Tomas agrees to get Vera a scanner and asks her to meet him in the alley behind the bar in an hour.


He hands her the scanner and whispers some instructions to Vera.
Vera in return promises to never tell a living soul how she got her hands on the scanner.
(A/N: Vera actually had to pay Tomas 750 simoleons to get a scanner – or it might be more accurate to say that she bribed him – for story purposes I’ve pretended that Tomas was being a nice guy and simply gave the scanner to Vera)

The next day Vera gets to work.
She collects a lot of data and spore clusters she intends to analyse as thoroughly as her non-existent scientist skills will allow.

12-13-19_7-59-41 PM

As vera expects the area around the lab is the most infected. Spores are everywhere.

As much as Vera wants to continue her work she can’t put life on hold to do so.
There are still holidays to celebrate and little children’s expectations to meet.


Vera has no flowers to give away for Flower Festival since their garden is all fruits, herbs and vegetables but she figures that a bunny must love carrots so she wraps one of those up and gives it to Flower Bunny.

Both Saybia and Vera wait with bated breath as Flower Bunny opens the present – and it’s a roaring success. S/he loves the carrot-present and Vera is rewarded with a nice moodlet and a pristine reputation (which is quite something considering that she’s an erratic and paranoid kleptomaniac).

In the evening Saybia spends some time admiring all the beautifully decorated Flower Festival Eggs she has found. Some of them even have a strange light coming from them.


Saybia also bashes in the glory of having completed her second aspiration. Befriending the Flower Bunny counted as befriending an adult and that was the last task needed.

Vera goes to the opera with a friend in the evening and has a great experience along with getting even sicker.


The orange spots she had earlier in the day has developed into charming tiger stripes and uncontrollable giggles and laughs. Maybe the vines and spores are making Sims sick… Vera is quite worried.

She makes sure to spend some time with Saybia the next day.
Saybia’s new aspiration requires her to be read to for 2 hours and Vera is more than happy to comply.

12-14-19_6-56-56 PM12-14-19_7-00-13 PM

This also gives Vera a chance to talk to Saybia about the future – a future Vera hopes to make better for all of Simkind – but also a future that will require Saybia to be very brave because something bad might happen to Vera in the process.

Saybia promises to be brave – and help as best she can.

Soon it will be Saybia’s birthday and she spends her last evening as a child thinking about what this better future her mother talks about might hold for her… will she finally be able to beat Jared at soccer, maybe?


No matter what it can’t hurt to keep practising, right?

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1.5 You Forgot My Birthday!?

What a beautiful and apocalyptic morning!
Vera took her time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning – watching as little Saybia built sand sculptures in the… front yard?

“This will all soon be over,” Vera thought to herself… “Saybia will age up to a child today!”

12-09-19_11-58-07 PM

But first Saybia would need to take a nap while Vera baked her a birthday cake because she had been up since before dawn.

There we go – a perfect Zombie cake with birthday light jabbed into the eyes. Time to fetch Saybia…

12-10-19_3-35-40 PM

… gee thanks, game!
Vera was a couple of minutes too late and Saybia aged up just as Vera was about to pick her up and bring her to the cake…


Saybia somehow thought her birthday had been forgotten despite the cake telling another story. Hmm – well, welcome to childhood, Saybia – may it not be filled with major disappointments and sadness.

The Plumbobber does weighted random rolls meaning there’s a slightly increased chance that a child will inherit traits from their parents.


Saybia is a kleptomaniac like her mother – and she doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. Saybia didn’t quite reach the top of her thinking and her motor skills as a toddler so there’s no Top-Notch Toddler trait to flash – but Happy Toddler really is enough to give a significant boost in Saybia’s life.

Saybia likes creative activities such as drawing and playing music. Her birthday presents were a yellow violin and an activity table.

12-10-19_6-15-04 PM

A few days after Saybia’s birthday it was time for Winterfest.
Vera and Saybia spend the evening before decorating the tree. They are both in a very good mood.

decorating_winterfest12-10-19_4-16-51 PM

Saybia is not sure she’ll be able to sleep because she’s so happy and full of energy. All the anticipation of presents and seeing her dad has given her a severe case of ants in her pants.

The next day both our girls dress their finest and shared a Winterfest dinner with Tomas – who looks like he’d rather be somewhere else… I guess it makes sense that noncommital Sims are not too keen on keeping up with traditions.


He does seem to like presents at least and his happiness from receiving one of Saybia’s drawings is very touching.


Saybia gets a nice little boost to her mood.

Later Father Winter stops by and hands out presents to the little family.
Saybia thinks he is quite boring and tries to cheer them both up with silly faces.


Saybia got a BooBoo Billy Doctor Playset that she’s really fond of. She spends the rest of the night playing in her room.

12-10-19_5-00-27 PM

Vera got an expensive new stove – I’m not sure vera gives a llama’s fart about that but at least the meals might get a little bit better in the future.

The next morning Vera gets a promotion – and she’s now almost at the top of her career.


I imagine the reason for her disgruntled look is the fact that for her next promotion she’ll need 10.000 followers – meaning she pretty much has to double the amount she has now. I for one welcome the challenge (A/N: I use MCCC to play with slower skill gain and slower career progress just to have more of challenge in the game)

Saybia had a great first day of school – maybe it was really her second day. I can’t remember if she went the day before Winterfest.


She starts out strong with spending the entire day getting to know other kids and then stealing a book just before going home. She looks so happy and proud!

The next day she brings home a friend from school – which, of course, is better than stolen books!


The red-haired girl is Estrella Ward – Judith Ward’s daughter. Fun fact is that Vera and Judith despise each other because of a work event early in Vera’s career.


I never included it because I thought it would be irrelevant for the story in the long run – turns out I was wrong!
The little story fits so very well into my story that it’s a bit scary.
You see, Judith Ward never married and had Estrella with some random guy  – maybe the same guy whom she was having the rocky relationship with? Vera’s post might have pushed that relationship over the edge…
Maybe it’s Vera’s fault that Estrella grew up without her dad?

I guess we’ll never know – but let this be a lesson to remember.

Moving on to New Year’s Eve.
Vera and Saybia celebrated it just the two of them. Sadly their little trailer was too small for them to watch the countdown – the interaction kept failing. Instead, I added a fireworks tradition and had them enjoy that.


Remember, safety first – don’t be like Vera!

The next day was the first day of spring.
Vera and Saybia enjoyed it outside playing with the dollhouse.


… and BAM!
Saybia completed her first aspiration.
Next up – Social Butterfly.

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1.4 Vera and Saybia

Being a single mum is hard work but Vera manages pretty well. There have been no messages of starving babies and threats to have Saybia taken away by Sims Social Services.

Before long it’s time for Saybia to age up. Vera spends a few minutes contemplating how time seems to fly – and how is she going to keep Saybia safe now that she’s about to become a toddler and Vera won’t be able to keep her tucked away in the basement!?


Well, you can’t keep time from progressing and you can’t keep nooboos from growing older, so here we go!

Little Saybia Random – ready to take on the world – or at least the SimShape App for now!


Most often I use random rolls to give my Sims traits and definitely for toddlers or they’d all have the Independent trait. Saybia got the Angelic trait.
I’ve used The Plumbobber (A/N: I really need to get the new version tested properly so it can get uploaded to the site!!) to determine Saybia’s looks, traits and such – her favourite colours are yellow and beige. Of course, I can’t leave everything for The Plumbobber to decide since the rules for the RLC take priority.

Hmm yeah – Spot anything interesting in the potty, Saybia?


Oops, this requires better concentration from both Vera and Saybia it seems!
Sad toddler and uncomfortable mum – though the uncomfortable moodlet in one form or another is more or less standard because of the Groody lot trait.

Playing with blocks doesn’t help Saybia get over the sadness – *sigh*


Okay, Mummy (and the Watcher) needs a break from sad, little toddlers!!

Saybia is sent off to daycare (in the evening) and Vera visits the gym for a good workout.

She runs into her scientist friend Yuki Soya – who is now named Yuki Rasoya since she married Raj from San Myshuno.

12-09-19_4-40-13 PM

Sadly Yuki has to leave shortly after but the two of them plan to have a movie night or something soon.

Vera never thinks much of her 2-star celebrity status so she’s a bit confused when someone asks for her autograph.

12-09-19_4-48-23 PM

Vera finds it all quite odd and over the top – she’s just a conspiracy theorist working in social media – how do you even become famous from that!?

When Vera finally heads home, she’s exhausted, and that’s probably a good thing because she doesn’t notice the plant growing right next to the sidewalk – it’s become huge and rather scary looking.


Vera knows that something needs to be done about the situation in StrangerVille – and she also knows that it should probably be her dealing with it – she’s just so scared and paranoid most of the time that she keeps finding excuses to put it off.

Now she has little Saybia to look after and you can’t really bring a toddler to the secret lab – can you?!
On the other hand, you can’t really let your toddler grow up in a doomsday world if you have even the slightest chance of changing it – can you?!

Vera often ponders these things while enjoying some quiet time on the toilet.


Today her quiet time was interrupted by a birthday notification (Help! already an adult!!) and a text from a fan…  Why do these admiring fans always choose the most awkward times for their adoration? LOL

Since Vera does not have room for a bathtub anywhere in the trailer and it’s probably too cold to bathe a toddler outside Vera asks her neighbours if she and Saybia can borrow theirs. Saybia needs a bath before the birthday party…

12-09-19_4-11-13 PMbubble_bath

Thanks to their good friendship (A/N: *cough cough* They weren’t friends, but I bought Vera the Always Welcome reward trait…) Jess Sigworth happily agrees to let Saybia have her bubble bath in their bathroom.

Saybia loved it – Vera not so much!

Time to throw that party – and Jess gets an invitation too now that she’s been so helpful.


Yuki Rasoya, Tomas Hawley, Jess Sigworth, Candy Behr and with his back turned – Otto Mann.

Tomas and Saybia spend a lot of time together during the party. They both cherished it.


It seems the best parties are the one where you cramp a lot of Sims together in a tiny space, serve cake and turn on the music. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the party was a great success. Even Saybia had an amazing time and got a +3 Happy moodlet from having attended.

The next day Vera invited Yuki over for movies – as promised. Sadly she ended up spending most of the evening repairing the washer…


Yuki is pregnant and eating – I admire her ability to keep the food down with the high uncomfortable score she must have had.

Meanwhile, in the basement little Saybia has finished her potty training – hallelujah!


With good time to spare before her Child Birthday too.

It’s not until the next day that the notice about it being her birthday soon pops up.


There’s still a couple of days to work on skills – maybe she’ll end up with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

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1.3 Are You Sure It’s Mine?

Vera is by no means an aggressive Sim – nor is she very athletic but she feels like she needs lessons in self-defence after her recent experiences. Frankly, she’s feeling terrified most of the time and if nothing else the exercise might help her get her mind to focus on something other than that trip to the secret lab.

Tomas agrees to train her and so they spend a couple of evenings at the local gym.

12-06-19_9-05-46 PM

Their friendship and their romance blossoms all while Vera gets a bit more fit.

One late evening after training while the place is as good as empty Tomas suggests they have some extra fun in the showers.


Vera does not hesitate. She wants Tomas as much as he wants her and so they go for a round (or two) of fun in the showers.

Afterwards, Vera is not so sure it was a good idea. The uncertainty has her feeling nauseous – or maybe she’s getting sick from the exposure to those spores at the lab?!

12-06-19_9-19-52 PMso_tired

The next couple of days causes Vera to worry even more about her health. Not only is Vera feeling nauseous she’s also exhausted most of the time. So much that instead of planting new vegetables in her garden she plants herself – face first, in the dirt.

A visit to San Myshuno and the Lucky Elephant fountain in the Spice District might be what is needed.


Vera is many things, but rationally thinking is not one of them. She spends a good amount of her simoleons wishing for good luck, fortune and health over and over again.

In the middle of the night, Vera is woken up by the unmistakable belly-pop and the realisation that she is pregnant – not sick.


It takes Vera some days to wrap her head around this fact and when she finally calls Tomas to let him know she’s already in her third trimester.

Tomas arrives and at first, is very pleased to hear about the pregnancy.

12-07-19_4-06-04 PMtomas_just_friends

However, after chatting for a while Tomas is not so sure that the little nooboo is his. His reasoning being that shortly before their shower-woohoo at the gym Vera had been unconscious for hours at a strange science facility – for all they know she could be carrying an alien or something worse…

As if the pregnancy and the whole secret lab/doomsday scenario wasn’t enough to scare Vera into a constant reddish/orange plumbob Tomas’ words makes Vera’s last resolve and sanity go down the drain – that for once is not blocked by those pesky purple vines!

She ends the romantic relationship the two of them were building – right then and there!

Despite doomsday lurking and a pregnancy Vera still needs to make simoleons – now more than ever, since she needs to build a room for the nooboo and buy all sorts of necessities.

12-07-19_3-51-21 PM

Working in social media means you have to go visit places and meet different Sims.
Vera goes to the Waterside Warble in an attempt to gain the followers needed for her next promotion. While there she might as well have some fun too…

… a few karaoke songs later Vera has gained enough fame to become a Rising Star.
Surprisingly, she didn’t sound awful even if she had never worked on her singing skill before.


These two, however, sounded like torture!

12-07-19_3-46-46 PM

Vera went home, satisfied with her new level of fame and a few extra simoleons from completing a job-task while there.

Maybe it was all the singing or maybe it was just time…
During the night Vera goes into labour.


Oh, phew… good thing she got that basement build under her trailer after coming home from the Waterside Warble, huh?

Welcome to SimNation, little Saybia Random.


Vera is pretty sure Saybia isn’t an alien or some strange plant/Sim hybrid. What a relief!
Of course, you never really know… do you? The family Tree lists Tomas as the father but what is if it’s just all some clever plot to make Vera raise some sort of plant monster!? Vera’s paranoia is working overtime…

The next day Tomas stops by for a visit. Vera takes him to the basement to meet Saybia.

12-07-19_5-21-52 PM

Tomas is also pretty sure she’s just a normal nooboo, but… you just never know!
It’s not that he doesn’t want to be part of Vera and Saybia life – but he’s been assigned a new post and has to move to Willow Creek the next day.

Vera thinks it’s all a bunch of llama droppings and that Tomas is probably just trying to run from his responsibilities. She leaves the room in anger…

Tomas sits down and talks to himself… or maybe to a sleeping Saybia.

12-07-19_5-23-15 PM

I would love to have known what he was saying – he seemed split between wanting to stay and wanting to run as fast as he could. I guess having a child is pretty hard if you’re noncommittal. All that responsibility…

FUN FACT: I’ve borrowed the name Saybia from a band I listened to a lot when I was younger. One of their biggest hits is called “The Second You Sleep”


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1.2 What Have You Done, Vera?

Vera’s got urges… the kind that needs to be quenched or they’ll just get worse.

As there’s a chance she’ll get caught she picks her “hunting field” with caution. Better go far away from home so that it’s less likely people will recognize her and spread stories in her hometown.

The Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs seems like a place that could have a lot of lovely booty.


… Damn!
Clover Thorn spots Vera just as she reaches for one of the fancy table lights. Busted!
Vera admits defeat and leaves the lounge in a hurry. However, not before having paused briefly to wonder why a guy would wear gloves inside… Surely, Clover is not a butler!

The night is still young so Vera decides to stop by the 8 Bells Bar on her way home.
She runs into the military dude, Tomas Hawley, whom she met on her first visit to the bar. They joke around for a while – which makes Vera complete a work task – then they play a game of foosball.


Tomas wins which leaves Vera feeling slightly embarrassed again. It seems that’s a running theme for Vera. All-in-all it was a good night because Vera did get a new friend in Tomas.

It was a bit late before Vera got home from the bar so she sleeps in the next morning – and gets a promotion while doing so. Working from home is so very nice at times!


After breakfast and a shower, Vera feels full of energy and courage so she decides to take a trip to the secret lab. Time to put that keycard to good use.

part of Vera job is to keep up appearances on social media so she posts a selfie from right outside the lab. This grants Vera her first fame quirk – yay! (A/N: Noooo!)


The quirk shows it’s potential just a few minutes later when Vera gets a text from Collin Holder, who wants a lock of Vera’s hair for his shrine… Go away, you creep!

Vera has enough creepy stuff to deal with without the odd text messages.
Inside the lab, Vera quickly finds the sealed door once again. She can’t help but feel that she’s being watched.

Once the door opens she sees a flight of stairs leading into a basement – and lots of pink and purple pollen… spores!? Hopefully, they aren’t poisonous or dangerous in any other way.

Due to her Paranoid trait, Vera feels safe and secure in the basement under the lab. (A/N: She’s not too smart, eh?). She spots some expensive-looking lab equipment sealed away in a glass room.


Vera finds nothing of interest in the first many rooms she comes upon – then she remembers the corridor with the purple miasma… or whatever to call the thick purple fog floating around.

12-06-19_4-26-22 PM
Oh, Plum! This was a bad idea…

… a very bad idea indeed!

*raspy breath – slight coughing and drooling*

Vera wakes up a few hours later… feeling great – but not really like herself. Which is more frightening than anything Vera has ever experienced before in her life.


From underneath that steel grip ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř holds over her she can feel her real self fighting to get out. Paranoia-overload imminent!

Vera rushes home and calls Tomas the second she has caught her breath – it had been a rather long and tiresome ride on her bike!


Vera tells Tomas everything she has experienced. The strange experiments that seemed to have been going on in the basement, the spores and pollen, the purple miasma and how she had fainted but even though Tomas knows something had been going on at The Secret Lab a while back his only concern now seems to be the sudden change in the weather. He would hate for it to start raining since he’s been invited to a BBQ at his parents the same night…

Vera feels her heart rate and her nerves settle to normal levels after listening to Tomas talk about everyday stuff. Somehow his presence felt so reassuring… and oh, oops – was that a kiss!?

12-06-19_4-56-46 PM

It sure was… Tomas didn’t mind at all and even if he’d have liked to stay he had that BBQ to go to so he excused himself and left.

The calm Vera felt while Tomas was there doesn’t last long. When later at night she goes out to have a look at the night sky Vera almost faints again…

12-06-19_5-15-39 PM

Uh oh! – Someone might have started the apocalypse…

Vera rushes inside and buys a TV for the simoleons she got from her promotion. Luckily the BB Catalogue delivers instantly.

12-06-19_5-12-59 PM

The news channel does mention anything about a lurking disaster or an apocalypse about to happen – Vera even checks the cooking channel because… well, maybe there would be hidden messages in the recipes or something.

Nope, nothing… Vera is more upset and paranoid about the lack of news than she would have been had it been all over the news – and the cooking channel.

In her desperate search for answers and… something, Vera turns to studying old tomes at the library. Mostly they provide nothing of value for the current situation but at least Vera now feels well-prepared in case a vampire coven should settle near StrangerVille.

12-06-19_7-32-14 PM

Vera decides that even if she has not learnt anything directly linked to secret labs, spores, miasma and ominous clouds there would be no harm in crafting a few garlic braids and wreathes – just in case.

Vera has also heard of crystals and various other trinkets that can ward off all sorts of things – bad luck, angry lovers, foul breathe – you name it!

12-06-19_7-24-40 PM

She buys every crystal she could afford when the flea market rolls into San Myshuno on the following day. The lady at the crystal table, of course, eager to sell everything, makes sure to tell Vera everything she wants to hear about the powers held within the shiny crystals.

Back at home, in Vera’s little trailer, a minor war is going on in the following days.
It seems that every time Vera turns her back on the sink or the toilet a new batch of these strange vines is ready to take over…


Just imagine how bad it would have been, had Vera not bought all those crystals to ward off evil and strange happenings!

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1.1 No Stranger to StrangerVille

I play in lilsimsie’s savefile and so my Sim didn’t start out as they usually do – at about 8AM Sunday morning. Instead, my founder arrived at her new home late at night on a Saturday, so yeah… please excuse the dark pictures in the beginning.

This is Vera Random.
She a lovely young Sim battling a few issues caused by her traits.


What might she marvelling at?
Her new home, of course!

It’s a run-down trailer in the heart of StrangerVille.

**NEW** Slip 42 Trailer – by Zoda80

The area, in general, is known for it’s welcoming and jovial feel. The previous owner ran a conspiracy/hacker business and had some great internet installed on the lot – much to Vera’s joy. The fact that the place is a bit grody is to be expected.

First things first – Vera needs a job.


Before going to sleep Vera ponders the job-situation for a while and decides on the Social Media career. It sounds like just the right thing if you’re about to make a name for yourself while uncovering the mysteries of recent events in your hometown.

The next morning – or possibly it was a couple of days later since Vera and I were off to a glitchy start Vera got a welcome notice from the Mayor of StrangerVille – just as the creator of this entire savefile world was walking by, behaving a little bit odd.


The Welcome Wagon was also a couple of days late but they didn’t disappoint.


They brought their gourmet fruitcake and were acting just as strange as could be expected from StrangerVille strangers knocking on your door bearing unwanted gifts of fruitcake.

I have no idea why Candy Behr was part of the Welcome Wagon but she was. She cleverly avoided the fruitcake and helped herself to a serving of vegetable dumplings from the fridge – just before these secret agents confiscated it along with everything in it.

Agent 1:… wauw, this place really is a dump! Agent 2:… even the view is crappy!

Good thing Vera had forgotten to store all her fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

Vera has discovered a curious little curio shop behind her trailer and decides to pay a visit.

12-04-19_5-11-15 PM

The girl tending it isn’t very informative but she does sell some pretty neat stuff. Vera decides to spend some of her few simoleons on a cool new t-shirt and a fancy hat with lights on it. However, it is too hot to be wearing a hat today so she just puts on her new t-shirt and vest.

Ready to meet some new Sims and ask them if they know anything about the strange happenings in StrangerVille.


Christopher Lannister knows next to nothing but suggests that Vera talks to some of the military personnel and local scientists.

Okay then…
Vera heads to the local bar to find some military Sims.


So, you say I’m not supposed to go The Secret Lab… very interesting!

Let’s do just that!
Vera snoops around for a bit but runs into a problem when the door leading to the basement is sealed tight. Deciphering the scrolling red text reveals that Vera needs a keycard to go any further.

12-04-19_8-29-55 PM12-04-19_8-31-50 PM

The trip isn’t a complete waste because Vera finds all sorts of other useful information left behind when the scientists and the military fled the scene.

It’s hard to piece the information together so Vera decides it might be a good idea to visit the library and search the archives.


Hours later and Vera is still missing some key information. She decides to find a chatty scientist. Yuki Soya turns out to be next-level chatty and after a short time willingly gives a piece of infrared microfilm to Vera.

A couple of days later when Vera has made sense of the data she has collected she decides to visit the curio shop again. This time it’s that strange guy… Erwin, tending it. He’s a bit more chatty than the girl who was here the first day.


He is willing to sell Vera a keycard if she’s got information to trade – and is serious about it all.

Vera wants to get to the bottom of it all and so she has no second thoughts about handing over the dossier she’s made from the collected data. After all, she just spent an entire week of her life on this… she can’t back down now!

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Generation 1 – The Rolls!

Marital Status: Single

Your heir may not have a live-in partner after the first child is born. Any extra sims must be moved out of the house by 24 hours after the first child is born. A male heir may move in a female partner for the course of any pregnancies, but the 24-hour rule applies and she may not contribute financially. Partners that have moved out are not allowed to lurk around the house to help out with toddler care and must be removed if they will not leave.

Number of Children: 1

Career Primary Sim: Social Media (Public Relations)

No additional money-making opportunities

Generation Goal: Doomsday Preppers

At least one member of the family must solve the StrangerVille mystery and its aspiration. If you want the entire family can do it. This aspiration can be in addition to your regular one. So if you have a musician doing Musical Genius you can switch back and forth.
Optional extra fun: Temporarily move the family to StrangerVille preferably to a bunker style house. You can do this either until the mystery is solved or for the entirety of the generation. You may change the lot traits.
When starting the next generation you may choose any lot. You aren’t required to return to the previous legacy lot. You may also stay on your StrangerVille lot. Keep in mind if you choose to stay you can’t move again until rolling the “change of scenery” generational goal. You can, however, choose new lot traits.

Miscellaneous Fun: Homemade

May not get quick meals from the fridge, order pizza, eat from food stalls or dine out, consume plasma packs, and may only cook meals with ingredients if all ingredients are present. The pre-made toddler meals you can serve from the high chair are considered quick meals