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ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around

– Grimm Idiots –

Score +365 Points

Norah entertains me by painting her impression of P1umB07 during the night. The two of them can’t stand each other but as long as they stay a good distance away from each other all is fine.

03-24-21_3-31-43 PM03-24-21_9-33-45 PM

Later they let me get a screenshot to prove the tension they feel when being too close to one another. Continue reading “ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around”

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ISBI 3.2 – Moving In

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +365 Points

Hmn – well, that was bad timing and I’m starting to resent how predictable this particular lifestyle is.
If your Sim hasn’t engaged in romantic interactions during their teen years, they seem to always get this Lifestyle a day or two into their Young Adult life stage.


P1umb07 is also sleeping [recharging] and I get this notification.
What does he want to take over… the household? The World? 🤔

Lots of interesting things happen during the night.
Eric has a breakthrough while using the toilet and can now expect a promotion at work.


I have to move on with the generations since the goal of an ISBI is 10 generations [of madness] so I have to ignore that Chip loves being single. I know I could just have him impregnate someone without them being a couple, but I don’t feel like doing that – at least not this generation.

Chip invites Amber to GeekCon – She seems pleased.

02-18-21_4-05-24 PM02-18-21_3-59-25 PM

P1umB07 tagged along for the adventure-opportunities. I imagine he’d like a trip with one of the rocket ships at GeekCon.
He runs into Frankie Caprese – a Sim made by @dawnlysimple [Twitter] for the Plumbobber CAS Game. The two of them enjoy some light conversation.

Chip and Amber are having fun with video games and since they both seem to be in a good mood, I have Chip ask Amber to move in with him and his family. Amber happily accepts.


Time to celebrate with a little telescope-woohoo.

It’s time to do a little check of Amber and get to know her a bit better.
She’s a Secret Agent  – I don’t expect her to get any promotions since she needs a high charisma skill.


She thinks Chip is attractive.
Most of this we already knew from Chip’s view of Amber in a previous chapter. The main difference being that their attraction to each other is not the same. It’s Very attractive vs Attractive.


It still baffles me that Chip has the People Person Lifestyle – it’s not like he has a lot of friends.


Amber has the Renaissance Sim Aspiration and Dog Lover, Genius and Loves Outdoors as her traits.
I think she’ll do pretty good as a Grimm Idiot – but we’re not getting her a dog! No!
Wouldn’t be fair to Eric either, since he is a Cat Lover and never had a cat.

Speaking of Eric…
He got his promotion and a spiffy new outfit.


He also got a notification about his upcoming birthday and he immediately made this grumpy face. I guess he’s not looking forward to being an Elder.

During the night, P1umB07 has me wondering whether Servo’s can die from electrocution…

02-18-21_4-58-26 PM

Score: +365 Points

Cousin Melissa and Cousin Lana both got married on the same night.
Melissa has found herself a Lazy Kleptomaniac Spellcaster named Caldor Severin.


Lana has decided to spend her life with an Evil and Self-Assured Merman named Red Lure.


Congratulations to the four of them!

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ISBI 3.1 – So Long, Link!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +360 Points

There are a few things I feel I should try to fix in the Grimm family.
One being that Chip and Eric never really bonded.

I have them play a few games of chess and chat but it seems that Bellatrix has other plans with Eric…

eric_friend02-18-21_11-40-23 AM

She is flirty and approaches him with a big smile plastered on her face.
“Hey Handsome – Remember me?”
Eric looks at her – confused but also pleased with the flirtatious attention she’s giving him.
“Not really, but let’s change that…”

02-18-21_11-42-18 AM02-18-21_1-58-19 PM

… and so they did!

Bellatrix still has a lot of energy she feels like getting out of her system after the woohoo.
She’s punching that bag like there’s no tomorrow.

02-18-21_2-04-31 PMbella_tired

Eventually her energy runs low.

Eric is also low on energy and tries to fix it with coffee – luckily sadly the coffee-maker breaks while brewing his cups of ISBI-failures.

eric_tired02-18-21_11-48-10 AM

Link to the rescue!
However, by now Eric has found his bed and is sleeping soundly.

Chip gets prompted to pick his career branch.
Food Critic it is.


He’s now a Chow Chaser making 49§ an hour, and his work hours are pretty good.

To celebrate, Chip takes Link on a one-day fishing trip to Sulani. Since they share the same Aspiration, I figured I could at least try to have them both finish the first Milestone. Link had other plans and never even caught a fish.
Chip got his Milestone completed and both me and my Sims had a lovely day at the beach in Sulani.


Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

I think Chip and Link were out a bit too late list night 😬
Link is in dire need of sleep when he arrives home from school… DIRE!


“Who needs sleep when there’s coffee?”
– You Link! You need sleep – Please go sleep!
*makes coffee*

link_coffee02-18-21_2-13-22 PM

I guess he finally realised I was right, but now it’s too late…


Pass Out: -5 Points

Later Cousin Lana and Cousin Maya stop by.
I think they sensed that there’s cake to be had later…

Chip and P1umB07 watches a movie with them while they wait for Link to finish his nap.

02-18-21_2-24-32 PM

It’s time!
Hopple Borfna, Link! Hopple Borfna!


Link’s last trait is Self-Absorbed, and he also got the Responsible character trait.

Positive Character Trait: +5 Points

02-18-21_2-33-28 PM

Lana and Maya singing and cheering while Bellatrix throws confetti.

Link got a little make-over – Joined the Gardening career and moved to Brindleton Bay.
His final score was +40 Points


Good luck with your life and please find a cute wife and make cousins for Chip’s future kids!

Score: +365 Points

Chip’s friend Jules Rico and his step-sister Bess [whom we met briefly in the last chapter] both got married.
Jules has married an alien I made for the Plumbobber CAS Game, named Ituxi


Bess has married a Spellcaster I made for @KitDragonFlight [Twitter]

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ISBI 3.0 – Enjoying Life

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +355 Points

A/N: I’m trying out a couple of new mods to make it more interesting and fun to find suitable partners for my Sims. Let’s see how that goes!

No time to waste, so let’s get Chip a job. Back when he was born, The Plumbobber [random roll tool] decided that he was going to be a food critic when he grew up so let’s just go with that.

He starts out as a Beat Reporter.


Since Chip will eventually have to write his own Biography, it’s nice to have his career require him to write too.
Let’s get started on that then…

02-14-21_4-45-44 PM

Ehren haunts angrily and smashes the dollhouse – So out of character for him to be so grumpy and destructive.
He continued his rampage and also broke the toilet and the shower in the bathroom next door. Apparently that cheered him up and he decided to repair the dollhouse – Sim Logic!


Poor P1umB07 got so scared by all the ghost activity that he lost his eyes… I guess that adventurous trait of his doesn’t help him with the paranormal endeavours.


The next morning starts with drama when Link discovers that his school project has been smashed by someone… I’m pretty sure he did that himself though 🙄


Chip ignores my prompt to eat breakfast to run outside and do this…
Yes, enjoy that invisible first snow – Snow is rare in Oasis Springs – invisible snow might even be more rare.


After [finally] eating his breakfast, Chip decides to spend his day exploring the Spice District in San Myshuno. He finishes his Work-from-Home tasks in a matter of hours and off to the city he goes…
He tosses a coin in the fountain for good luck…


Then he tries to enjoy a spicy lunch – keyword; tries!
I love to have my Sims learn the City Living recipes – there’s so much food in the game that it’s kind of overwhelming trying to have your Sims learn to make it all.

When the lights get low and the air colder, Chip finds a little cafe where he can enjoy life… I get the feeling that he really enjoys being out on his own for the first time ever.

As he is about to leave, he spots this interesting Sim and feels drawn to her.
Her name is Amber. The two of them spend an hour chatting before Chip has to go home.

02-14-21_5-05-46 PM

It was almost like love at first sight – they have good chemistry and Chip finds Amber to be very attractive.
Their first impression of each other is positive.
[Mods used: Chemistry System by thepancake1 – First Impressions Mod – by LumpinouWicked Whims by TURBODRIVER]


I have a good feeling about this relationship, but I want Chip to meet more Sims before I decide anything.

While Chip was out having fun on his own, there was a notice that Link got his A in school.
Better help him keep it, so I have Chip help him with homework.


A in School: +5 Points


Bellatrix is celebrating her recent promotion by crying at her parent’s graves… I guess it’s about time she gets to mourn them since I never really had her do it back when she was the Torch Holder.

Chip has the following day off from work, and I send him to explore a little of Evergreen Harbor.
He runs into the Bess Sterling who in my save is the step-sister of Chip’s childhood friend, Jules Rico.

02-14-21_5-36-27 PM

Chip thinks Bess is extremely attractive, but their chemistry isn’t that great, and Chip’s first impression of Bess is that she’s got her head in the clouds.


I’m not too sure about their relationship. I don’t think of Chip as someone who pursues a Sim mostly for their looks.

A little later, Chip meets Jeanette Adams.
They have “Wonderful Chemistry” which doesn’t happen very often in my game. Chip also likes the look of Jeanette, but their first impressions are really not that great. However, that’s something we can work on. If they spend a bit more time together, this relationship could really blossom – I think.

02-14-21_5-39-27 PMjeanette_adams

Back at home, Link is having a mood swing… and is taking it out on Auntie Astra – who is her usual cheerful self. It takes more than a grumpy teenager to ruin her mood.


Link is also in need of sleep…
Chip and I regret coming home so early. No one wants to be near an angry and exhausted teenager.

Amber saves us with a text message…
Chip and I would love to go on a date with you, Amber!


Amber has invited Chip to a fancy Italian restaurant in Windenburg.
She’s in a great mood and smiles and chats a lot – Chip can hardly get a word in.

02-14-21_5-57-38 PMflirty_date

He lets Amber do the talking and then sprinkle in a flirt here and there…
Before they have finished their meal, the temperature has gone up several degrees and the there’s no doubt in my mind. Amber is the perfect Sim for Chip.

I have them go watch the view outside the restaurant and Chip leans in for their first kiss – Amber pretends to be a little shocked at first…

02-14-21_6-11-05 PM

Score: +360 Points

Hugo and Henry Grimm [Cousin Martin + Imelda] have agd up to toddlers.


Cousin Kamilla [Astra + Deon] has aged up to a Teenager. I like her traits in combination with her aspiration.


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ISBI 2.11 – You did What!?

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +320 Points

When I open the game, I find Link doing his homework in the backyard. I send Bellatrix out to help him so that he might get a few hours’ sleep before it’s time to get up for school.

02-13-21_7-26-42 PM

During the night, Ehren comes out to haunt and runs into P1umB07. They seem to have a pleasant conversation – for the most part. Ehren must have played a prank on P1umB07, telling him he’s a criminal mastermind or something.
P1umB07 has a Tense +2 moodlet when he leaves to go do some yoga.


I don’t know what woke Link up but I find him outside by the graves  – mourning his grandparents.
It’s strange because he’s actually not sad – he’s bored and has a whim to tease Chip.


I was sort of just cruising along with the family when suddenly I realised Bellatrix has things she needs to get done before it’s too late. Like getting P1umB07 upgraded…

02-13-21_7-56-58 PM02-13-21_7-54-12 PM

Helping her sons with some skill-building – Link doesn’t have an A in school because he doesn’t have any skill at level 3 yet.

Bellatrix also has to write that biography to immortalise herself – which requires her writing to be at level 10.

Eric keeps wanting to chat to Bellatrix and to be honest, it’s slowing down her progress quite a lot.
I’m annoyed by it but I let it happen because it keeps her social from dropping too much while working so diligently on getting her writing skill maxed out.


Somehow Bellatrix must have been more annoyed about it than me because she autonomously does one of her alien mind tricks on Eric making them both forget about each other – which actually does makes Eric leave her alone for the most part but it also made them not be married anymore?

Bellatrix… for Plum’s sake!
I don’t have time to fix this… 🙄


See the Relationship bracket?
They do not recognize each other as husband and wife any more… *sigh*

At least it’s not all bad. Norah is making sure that the little garden isn’t dying while Bellatrix is occupied by her skill building.

02-13-21_9-31-48 PM

Eric get’s his 11th breakthrough the next morning. Maybe he thinks that Wormhole Generator will have the answers to why there’s a stranger [Bellatrix] living with them and occupying their computer downstairs?!


While the kids are at school and Eric is at work, Bellatrix reaches level 10 Writing and get her biography done. Pheew – that was a rough couple of days at the computer. Well done, Bellatrix – however, don’t do that mind trick stuff ever again, okay?!


Immortalise the Torch Holder: +5 Points

After a nap and a quick shower, Bellatrix bakes a birthday cake and spends some time looking content and happy. I think she’s looking forward to joining the Idiots Crew. To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit concerned since Bellatrix seems to have a mischievous side to her and those alien powers to experiment with. How will the household handle having her on the loose?

02-13-21_10-09-00 PM

Sadly, there’s no time to wait for Eric to arrive home from work before Chip celebrates his young adult birthday.


Welcome to your new life as a Torch Holder, Chip.
He gets the Responsible and the Compassionate character trait upon growing up.
For his last CAS trait he rolls Slob.


Positive Character Trait x 2: +10 Points

Bellatrix’ first action after joining the Idiots Crew is to waddle to bathroom.

02-14-21_12-51-40 AM

Tallying up my points for this generation…


Not enough simoleons were earned to get points – no surprise – or maybe they did?.. When did I move them to a new save file?

100K Simoleons x 0: +0 Points
Random Traits and Aspirations: +10 Points
No Satisfaction Points Used: +10 Points

Score: +355 Points

Cousin Martin [Portia + Elmer Grunt] and his wife Imelda have had twin boys – Hugo and Henry.Welcome to our first generation 4 Sims.


Oberon has aged up to an Elder.


Cousin Maya [Portia + Glenn] has aged up to a cute toddler


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ISBI 2.10 – P1umB07 53rv0

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +320 Points

Chip seems to want to do well in school and does his homework without having to be influenced.

12-30-20_5-21-20 PM12-30-20_5-24-32 PM

Bellatrix decides to help him and finishes all the school projects he has lined up in the backyard.
Oberon stops by for a chat. He seems worried about something, but I never figure out what seems to be the problem.

While everyone is asleep, Norah checks in for a haunt and paints a little bird.

12-30-20_5-27-51 PM

Hmm, okay. This was not supposed to happen already. Do you remember Bellatrix telling Portia to try for that last baby…


They did, and Portia is very much pregnant these days. Sadly, Glenn will not get to meet his youngest child.

The next day Chip earns his A, but it has come at a cost. He’s about to have a meltdown over low fun and a crappy schoolday. Link just sends him a smug smile – happy that he’s not a teenager with mood swings yet.

12-30-20_6-08-49 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Chip’s [only] friend, Jules Rico, has come for a visit. I don’t think it’s a very successful one since Chip is in an awful mood.

12-30-20_6-10-47 PM

Link likes to hang around when Jules is here. I think he enjoys listening to their conversations about teenage life, which must seem like stories out of a fantasy universe for someone who hasn’t experienced it yet.

His fascination doesn’t last long this time.
He spends some hours crying at Ehren‘s grave and then just heads for bed.
Poor kid – He’s really not very good at handling death and grief.

12-30-20_6-21-39 PM

Astra has stopped by for a visit and helps by repairing the fridge.

12-30-20_6-20-36 PM12-30-20_8-06-22 PM

I think this is a gathering to support and help Portia since her husband just passed away. The girls and Eric spends some hours playing games and chatting.

Shortly after leaving, there’s a notice about Portia giving birth to a girl. I hope this new addition to the family might help cheer her up.

In the morning, it’s time for Link to age up.

12-30-20_8-12-35 PMlink_traits

He didn’t max any skills, so there are no extra points to gain.
Link has rolled the Paranoid trait – maybe he spent too much time around tombstones as a kid – and like his brother he wants to become an Angling Ace. I guess that makes it easier when the time comes to pick the next torch holder.

12-30-20_8-29-41 PM

Link continues his bad habit of crying at the graves – and of course, he’s allowed to mourn the passing of his grandparents, but does it have to be several times a day?

12-30-20_8-44-53 PM

I don’t know who Chip has walked in on while they were using the toilet, but he looks pretty annoyed and disgusted – LOL 😆

12-30-20_9-05-17 PM

Being a teenager without guidance from the Watcher is tough!

I’ve replaced the Starcruiser X/Jungle Gym with a small fitness and wellness room. At first, I replaced it with their old basketball hoop until I remembered why I had taken it down. My Sims kept dropping everything they were doing to go shoot a hoop – yes, just one and then they would stand out there like… well the idiots they are… very frustrating.

12-30-20_9-35-05 PM

Eric is the first to try out the new room. Even if he’s not very good at yoga, he seemed to enjoy trying something new.

Bellatrix is spending most of her time in her small robotics lab downstairs.
She has finally reached Robotics level 8.

12-30-20_9-11-35 PM

After a refreshing shower and a meal, she gets started on her first Servo. Something I’ve never played with in my game, even if I got the University pack on release. I play in slow motion and experience the new stuff when it fits into my gameplay.

12-30-20_9-50-26 PM12-30-20_9-52-10 PM

I thought it would take her forever and day to finish one of these, but it actually wasn’t that bad.
Let’s get him activated!

12-30-20_9-52-47 PM

Haha – I got major Frankenstein vibes from the activation process.

… which I suppose was intended judging from the moodlet Bellatrix got when the process succeeded.

12-30-20_9-53-21 PM

After a few adjustments such as giving him a name and a new colour, he’s ready to meet the audience.
Welcome to the ISBI – P1umB07 53rv0!

[LOL – a thought just hit me. Does this count as the birth of a Sim thus giving me 5 points? I guess not]

12-30-20_9-57-43 PM

I guess I can’t really control him since he’s not the torch holder, but I’ll allow that he can put himself into Recharge mode – just so he doesn’t break. I’ve also installed a mod that should make him waterproof.

His aspiration is BodyBuilder. I don’t know how well that works for a Servo but, oh well…

I like his traits – though I’m sure he’d be more useful to us if he had rolled Neat and such. This way he’ll feel more like family and not so much like a butler.

Speaking of breaking. Somehow both Swiffer and Søren Ryge were just piles of trash on the floor after I excited build mode. They will be missed, but I’m not making new ones if this is something that happens frequently. It’s just not worth all the trouble – and the fact that a gardening bot can’t handle the rain seems immensely stupid to me – but okay, whatever. [sadly the aforementioned mod does not work on the Utili-Bots]

Back to Bellatrix and our newest family member…

12-30-20_10-01-21 PM12-30-20_10-03-40 PM

Bellatrix shares some Techie Lifestyle advice and P1umB07 is very intrigued by it – makes sense.

Chip is woken up in the middle of the night because he enters a phase.
He wants to be a rebel and challenge parental authority. Just Great! 🙄

12-30-20_9-38-10 PM12-30-20_9-45-50 PM

He finishes his coffee and then does his homework. What a rebel!

After school, he is of course very tired but that’s nothing new. The kid is running on fumes most of the time.
Link has discovered that being a teenager is not very much fun.

12-31-20_12-39-58 AM

Chip is headed for a nap when P1umB07 interrupts him with a chat… very sweet, but please – Chip really needs his sleep…

12-31-20_12-41-30 AM

Chip makes it to the coffee maker and has a few sips but then has to pee.

12-31-20_12-42-48 AM

When he tries to make it back downstairs, completely ignoring that he was just next to his room with his bed in it, he passes out… again!

12-31-20_12-43-57 AM

Pass Out: -5 Points

Why won’t you sleep normally? Why do you only want to nap, float in the pool, pass out and drink coffee?

12-31-20_12-45-28 AM

Chip – the Sim who didn’t know how to sleep… a story in many parts!

With this pass out and his A in school, we remain at…

Score: +320 Points

Cousin Milton [Portia + Glenn] has aged up into a teenager. I see him as a studious Sim because of his aspiration and traits, so I make him the leader of a Knowledge Club.


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ISBI 2.9 – Glitching Eric

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +300 Points

I lost the message that it’s time to celebrate Bellatrix’ adult birthday and so almost forgot about it. I had her get up in the middle of the night to bake herself a cake and blow out the candles.

12-30-20_3-19-23 PM

When Eric got out of bed a few hours later, he looked at her, as if he wasn’t really sure who this adult woman in his kitchen was supposed to be.

12-30-20_3-20-45 PM

When Bellatrix left the room, he started crying.
I wonder what that was about. He didn’t have a sad moodlet. Maybe Eric just glitched a bit by the thought of him and his wife getting older.

12-30-20_3-21-15 PM

He was back to his old self in a matter of minutes, so yeah – not really sure what that was about.

With the birthday and all, I realized thatBellatrix better work a bit harder on her writing skill if she’s supposed to immortalise herself with a biography before one of the boys take over as torch-holder of this ISBI.

12-30-20_3-28-03 PM

While the boys are at school and Eric is at work, Bellatrix works on her next book.
It only lasts a couple of hours before she and I are both a bit bored with it.

She’s working from home and needs to give a guest lecture at university.
She got a promotion the next day.

12-30-20_5-46-23 PM

Link arrives home from school in a splendid mood. He had a great day and also earned an A.

12-30-20_3-41-33 PM

A in School: +5 Points

During the evening, Bellatrix gains her first Lifestyle. She’s a Techie which comes as no surprise at all.

12-30-20_3-44-19 PM

Seems like she’ll benefit greatly from those Lifestyle Effects – not that she’ll be doing much rocket science, but other than that it’s mostly positive for Bellatrix.

Eric has once again fallen asleep in the bathtub – and he really did need both a nap and a bath, so that’s great.

12-30-20_3-50-58 PM

Something prompts him to get out of the bath before he’s clean and he heads straight for the coffee maker.
I should probably not have had Bellatrix give it all the upgrades back when they got it. Oh well 🤷‍♀️

12-30-20_3-52-50 PM

I have Bellatrix seduce Eric in hopes he’ll stay in bed afterwards. The guy needs sleep – not coffee.

12-30-20_3-57-41 PM12-30-20_3-58-51 PM

Unfortunately, Eric is so disgusted by his own stench that he gets out of bed to take a shower and then heads for another cup of coffee.

Top Notch Caffeine Buzz and the best Retro tunes on the stereo have Eric in a good mood. He maxes his Dancing skill.

12-30-20_4-01-42 PM

Skill Maxed: +10 Points

He obviously feels like he has an awful lot of energy he needs to burn because he gets on the treadmill and runs for a good long while.

12-30-20_4-08-42 PM

He gained a full level of fitness and had a breakthrough about a Slimify Serum.

Chip starts the day with a dip in the pool…

12-30-20_4-11-17 PM12-30-20_4-11-42 PM

… Ouch.
He landed flat on his belly.

Maybe it’s better if Bellatrix tries to activate him. He needs to get a skill to level 3 so he can get an A in school.

12-30-20_4-14-55 PM

The two of them play chess most of the morning, and Chip reaches level 3 of the logic skill.

In the afternoon, Bellatrix spends time with Link. He’s very close to finishing the second milestone of his Social Butterfly aspiration. I don’t remember when he finished the first part. I’ll have to go back and see if he got points for it back then… *sigh*

Okay – just checked and I must have missed it back when it happened.

12-30-20_5-17-04 PM12-30-20_5-18-07 PM

It’s a bit sad that his best friend is his mother – I’d love it if he had some good friends from school, but that’s hard to get when you can’t control him.

Aspiration Milestone x 2: +10 Points

I don’t know what Eric is up to or where he thinks he’s going…

12-30-20_4-17-06 PM12-30-20_4-17-33 PM

… I only know that he just cost us 5 points.

Pass Out: -5 Points

Seems like a good place to end the chapter 😆

Score: +320 Points

Bellatrix ran into Martin Grimm [Portia’s oldest child] while visiting Uni for her job task. They got to talking and Bellatrix recommended that Martin try to ask out this cute Sim named Anna. A few days later Martin texted Bellatrix, letting her know that the date with Anna has been a huge success and that they were going out. Hurrah!martin_anna

However, less than 24 Sim-hours later Martin married a Sim named Imelda Cruz instead. I guess his serial romantic trait came into play or something.



Besides looking nice, being mean and wanting to become a Mixologist, Imelda is also a Selvadoradian native.

Cousin Lana [Oberon + Jane] has aged up into a Teenager. I really like her and almost wish I could play her as part of this ISBI


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ISBI 2.8 – Caffeine

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +305 Points

These two don’t spend a lot of time together because of their work schedule, but they are still a great couple.

12-23-20_10-51-11 AMeric_profile

Most days Eric cruises through on auto-pilot.
He’s great at taking care of his needs. Like today, where they are all in the green before he heads out the door for work.

12-23-20_10-26-36 AM

Bellatrix gets a promotion and picks the Computer Engineering branch.


The boys arrive home from school and it’s time to celebrate Chips birthday.
As he blows out the candles on his cake, Auntie Astra does a spin and also ages up.

12-23-20_11-05-06 AM

Chip ages up to a handsome teenager. Maybe it’s the curly hair, but I think he looks a lot like a blue version of Ehren.

Oh joy!
His first action as a teenager [post make-over] is to grab a cup of coffee. Yes, you are the kids that never really sleeps – we get it!

12-23-20_11-31-34 AMchip_traits

Chip gets the Freegan trait along with the Angling Ace aspiration. I try to dress him in something that’s chill and relaxed because of that Freegan trait.

After drinking his coffee, Chip needs to pee – and this time he goes for the nearest toilet.

12-23-20_11-34-05 AM12-23-20_11-34-33 AM

Poor kid.
Oddly enough, Bellatrix and Eric didn’t get embarrassed.

Yup, better take a run to get those emotions under control…

12-23-20_12-00-53 PM

Later I hear commotion downstairs.
Norah is angry about something and knocks over the trash. Both Eric and Chip decide they better have a chat with Norah about this. Norah just looks at them – unfazed.

12-23-20_12-02-31 PM

Norah continues her rampage through the house, breaking most of the plumbing once again.
Eric and Chip retreat to the kitchen where Chip has another cup of coffee.

12-23-20_12-04-36 PM

It’s pretty late, so I have Bellatrix influence Chip to get some sleep…
I should have known… This kid has a secret desire to become a mermaid or something.

12-23-20_12-07-08 PM

Okay, so he gets the “Revitalised by Nap” moodlet from floating in the pool, but it did nothing for his need to sleep. He’s running on fumes now, and I’m worried he might drown.

He gets out of the pool…

… and heads straight for the coffee machine and pours his third cup of coffee.

12-23-20_12-17-00 PM

Followed by a fourth cup…

12-23-20_12-23-20 PM

He drinks his fifth cup while Link eats his breakfast next to him.
It’s a good thing they have toilets at school because Chip really needs to pee but it’s time to leave now…

12-23-20_12-24-54 PM

When the boys arrive home in the afternoon, I have Bellatrix call Chip to his bedroom. I’m hoping that he’ll get some real rest if I have her influence him to sleep while he’s standing next to his bed.

12-23-20_12-19-04 PM

While Bellatrix reached Parenting level 10 from that interaction, it didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for.

Chip leaves the room and ventures downstairs.
I thought he might be headed for the pool again, but no, he was headed for the coffee machine and then….

12-23-20_12-20-39 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

After that, he seems to get it.
He goes to bed and sleeps all evening and all night. No wonder since he’s been up for a at least 36 hours by then and he didn’t get a good night’s sleep before that.

12-23-20_2-16-30 PM

Chip passing out has us back at +300 Points.

Score +300 Points

During my time playing Portia called…


Bellatrix told her to go for it. Portia is a Family-Oriented so it seemed fitting.

Cousin Kamilla [Astra + Deon] has aged up to a child. She gets the Glutton trait.


Cousin Martin [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has aged up into a Yong Adult.


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ISBI 2.7 – Not Very Pleasant

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +300 Points

Norah has not gotten any smarter after joining the afterlife.
During one of her first hauntings, she breaks most of the plumbing and then spends the rest of the time trying to mop the puddles.

12-21-20_5-53-31 PM

Eric wakes up early and gets pretty frustrated with the state of things.

12-21-20_5-25-03 PM12-21-20_5-26-10 PM

But alas, he too is an idiot and does not repair the broken plumbing before trying to mop up the puddles.

Link has found Norah’s grave and spends his morning crying his eyes out. What a way to start your day.

12-21-20_5-23-53 PM

Chip is trying real hard for the idiot of the day award as he waddles to the toilet furthest away from his room – passing two other toilets on his way. Sorry kiddo – but the door to the annexe has been locked to prevent Eric from spending his entire life mopping puddles in there.

12-21-20_5-28-00 PM

Both kids and Eric manage to get out of the door in time for school and work
Bellatrix gets to work form home and tinkers a little with Swiffer. It needed a tuning.

12-21-20_5-35-04 PM

Don’t ask me how banging on it with a hammer will improve anything – I don’t have any skills in robotics.

Both boys need a bit of attention when they arrive home from school.

Link gets a hug and a satisfying chat.

12-21-20_5-32-58 PM12-21-20_5-42-16 PM

Chip needs his Genius [Yeah – I don’t know about you but I see no geniuses in this household] trait exercised so Bellatrix invites him to a game of chess.

The next day Coral stops by.
She pregnant and apparently also mean…

12-21-20_6-15-12 PM

Bellatrix sends Coral on her way. She doesn’t feel like dealing with a moody and mean Sim.
I decide that she’s better get a bit of sleep because she’ll have to deal with three miserable Sims once they return home from work and school.

12-21-20_6-26-53 PM

Chip earns his A in school. Both of them are about to pass out from exhaustion. By some miracle, they make it to their beds where they nap the afternoon away.

12-21-20_6-27-51 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Bellatrix has made a Gardening Utili-Bot.
She calls it Søren Ryge – a small joke that will most likely be lost on anyone not from Denmark.
[Søren Ryge is a Danish gardening guru of sorts who has hosted several TV-shows about gardening during the last 40 or so years]

12-21-20_6-35-34 PM12-21-20_6-38-59 PM12-23-20_2-15-02 PM

Søren Ryge takes his gardening very seriously. He even tends to the wild plants in the area around the house.

The next day Angela Pleasant comes home with Link after school, but she’s not interested in playing on the Starcruiser X. She leaves such childish behaviour to Chip and Link…

12-23-20_10-30-08 AM

Instead, she spends her time browsing the internet – which seems to make her creative juices flow…

12-23-20_10-30-45 AM

She spends a lot of time “decorating” the yard.
Bellatrix cleans up after her and Link decides to help – such a good kid! Aaawe!


Link can’t believe it!
just as he and Bellatrix are done cleaning, Angela starts all over with the paint… Grr! 🙄

Bellatrix has had enough of this, not so very pleasant, member of the Pleasant family and does the Mischief -> What’s that Spot? before sending the kid home.

12-23-20_10-38-21 AM

Link looks more than pleased with that development – haha!

It’s been a long day, and it’s time to get some sleep…

12-21-20_5-57-29 PM

Chip still prefers naps, which is probably going to be a problem I have to battle until he takes over the torch or moves out. *sigh*

Score: +305 Points

Cousin Melissa [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has aged up to a teen. She looks a lot like her Auntie Astra – just with brown hair… and doesn’t her head look like it’s too big?


Melissa got the Erratic trait and wants to become Leader of The Pack.

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ISBI 2.6 – Mourning

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +300 Points

Link is having a hard time dealing with the death of Ehren. He’s often found out back crying at Ehren’s grave.

09-16-20_3-02-38 PM

Bellatrix and I worry about him and wonder if maybe he could benefit from having a friend to share his thoughts with. I have Bellatrix fetch the first kid to walk by and have her do the Friendly > Other Sims > Talk Up… and pick Link.

09-16-20_3-10-32 PM

Bellatrix is shocked to her core about what happens next…

09-16-20_3-11-31 PM09-16-20_3-11-02 PM

The cute looking girl [Angela Pleasant – Discover University – aged down] doesn’t want to befriend Link because he doesn’t sound interesting, and after that statement, she throws in an extra insult aimed at Bellatrix… what a little brat!

Let us forget about Angela and send her on her way again…

Inside, Norah has found the easel and is having fun painting while flirting with Ehren.
She also has a whim to “Console about Death” – I’m assuming she wants to console Ehren about his own death since the whim mentions a romantic relationship!?

12-12-20_4-43-01 PM

What is Ehren even doing out of his grave at this time of day?
Maybe it was because this was my first time playing after a big game patch?!

Norah finishes her painting – Yay!

2020-12-12 16_44_25-The Sims™ 4

It’s the last painting she’ll ever create, so I save it and use it to decorate the bathroom in the little annexe out back.

Ehren has found his inner muse and started a painting of his own. I think of the motive as Ehren interpreting his own life – always trying to catch up.

12-12-20_4-45-31 PM

He finishes the painting and I use this one to decorate the sleeping area in the annexe. It’s nice to have these little mementos around.

It’s getting late, but Eric has lost his sense of time while playing chess. He reaches logic level 2 – which come to think of it seems like it’s not enough considering how much time he spends at the chess table.

12-12-20_4-47-25 PM

He is very focused and doesn’t even get up to witness Norah passing on.
Bellatrix rushes over to be with her mother in her final minutes.

12-12-20_4-50-38 PM12-12-20_4-52-15 PM

Grim checks his slablet before swinging his scythe – Norah Grimm, Oasis Springs, Elder – Alien… – yup, this is the right one.

Norah’s leaves us with a final score of -5 points
I consider this a bit of win.

Norah is laid to rest next to Ehren.

12-12-20_5-00-14 PM

One day when I find the time and the Grimm’s also have enough simoleons, I should make an actual graveyard. I suspect at some point there will be too many gravestones to have them all fit under the little tree.

A very sad Oberon stops by the next day. He and Eric have a little chat, and it seems to help a little with his sadness.

12-12-20_5-53-10 PM

Eric had to leave for work, and so Oberon was left to roam around in the empty house on his own. He played games on the computer for a while and then left. Maybe he felt comforted by spending time at his childhood home.

Link seems to have taken a ride on the emotional roller coaster.
After school, he spends some time mourning his grandparents.

12-12-20_5-22-19 PM

Then he gets playful from playing on the Starcruiser X.

12-12-20_5-39-22 PM

He plays enough to raise his Motor skill by one.
A few hours later, he’s back to being very sad and spends his time blogging about his feelings.

12-12-20_5-54-26 PM

Chip seems to have not even noticed that his grandmother passed away – or he has another understanding of death. He has seen that Ehren is still around and so it’s not that different when Sims die – they get to stick around.

Chip does his homework and then does random little things around the house until it’s time for bed.

12-12-20_5-37-55 PM

It’s pretty late, but for some reason, he doesn’t go to bed.
When I have Bellatrix tell him he should get some sleep, he decides to take a nap in the pool 🙄

12-12-20_5-28-12 PM

At least he raised his Motor skill by doing it, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Eventually, he gets out of the pool, but instead of actually going to bed he decides to just nap a little more. This kid is going to be like his Uncle Oberon, isn’t he?

12-12-20_5-33-26 PM

No points gained and no points lost this time around.

Score: +300 Points

Kamilla [Astra and Deon’s daughter] is now a toddler. She’s a charmer!
They also have a dog now. Indiana – who’s a fluffy and aggressive ball of energy. Oh Joy – better remember not to pet her if we go for a visit.