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1.1 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –

Martin had been having a great couple of months – His paintings had been selling at record speed and at ever-increasing prices.

He felt so good about himself and his life that he had built up enough courage to do something about the main problem in his life…

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1.0 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –
Friends with Benefits

Martin and Ashti weren’t concerned with the location of their new home, as long as it was big enough for their growing family and had a room that could be turned into a painting studio for Martin.

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They found a lovely villa in Oasis Springs – near the lake and with what Ashti deemed to be good neighbours.

Ashti had found out she was pregnant again during Martin’s last term at Britechester and had mostly kept quiet about it. She didn’t want to stress Martin too much since he was so close to finishing his degree.

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However, you can’t keep a pregnancy a secret for very long and as a few months after moving in Ashti gave birth to a boy named Silas.


Martin was happy about the pregnancy and their son – despite his fear of being tied down. He had found a coping mechanism that worked well, so far.

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As long as he could still think of himself as unmarried things would be alright – the panic attacks were not so bad that he couldn’t ignore or hide them.

Myra wasn’t very impressed with having a brother. She had been used to getting an awful lot of attention at the Honeydew Student Housing, and now she was down to only having two adults, instead of eight, taking care of her needs. Having to share that tiny amount of attention didn’t sit quite right with her.

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Ashti still had her job with Rainy Days Entertainment – She liked both her job and her employer.

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Martin never bothered finding a job – He liked the freedom of painting whenever inspiration struck and then selling his pieces on Plopsy or to a museum on rare occasions.

Since he was the one spending the most time at home it fell upon Martin to befriend the neighbours – something he didn’t mind at all.
Katrina Caliente, their next-door neighbour, liked to stop by for chats and to admire Martin’s work. The two of them became quite good friends.

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A fact that wasn’t lost on Ashti.
She grew more and more tense and impatient with Martin as time passed.

“I’m tired of just being considered your friend with benefits – we have two kids together and don’t you  think I’ll be going anywhere… we’re in this together and I hope you’re not planning on anything stupid!” Ashti knew Martin was probably never going to ask for her hand in marriage but at least she could make it clear that he was stuck with her no matter what.

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Ashti wasn’t happy with her life.
She loved her children, Martin, their home and her job but there was no denying that something was missing.

When she discovered that she was pregnant again something sort of snapped within her…

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It wasn’t because she wanted to argue over every little thing she just couldn’t help it – Whenever Martin was within her vicinity she felt anger and resentment towards him. She couldn’t help any more than he could help his non-committal trait to flare up by the mention of anything that sounded the slightest like being tied down.

Martin and Ashti calmed down in order to celebrate little Myra.
Her birthday was just around the corner, and she was so looking forward to seeing all her friends from back in Britechester.

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On her child-birthday she grew into a cute girl with glasses and love for the colour blue. She had picked up on her mother’s polite and proper manners.

She was very happy to see so many of her friends – or maybe it would be more correct to call them aunts and uncles. That’s how she thought of them anyway.

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It wasn’t long before Silas had his birthday.
He had a good sense of humour – even at an early age. He loved playing with blocks and somehow accepted that his older sister didn’t have much interest in him. Furthermore, he seemed to know that it was best to just keep his distance.

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Martin and Ashti’s third child was also a boy. They named him Sean.

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With three children and Ashti still being in a full-time job it all got to be too much for Martin. He didn’t have enough time to paint and get his creativity flowing. Since simoleons wasn’t an issue it was decided that they would hire a nanny to help with the kids.

Especially Silas flourished under the guidance of nanny, Kelvin Rouse.

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Maybe Kelvin’s calming presence would be good for the household.