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1.1 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –

After eloping Bonnie and Arnold were planning on adding children to their family.
That is happened so soon wasn’t expected but very welcome, nonetheless.
Bonnie wrote all her thoughts down while pregnant and documented every little change she noticed.

02-28-21_9-05-35 PM02-28-21_9-59-50 PM

Robin wasn’t planning on having children… and certainly not when she wasn’t even in a relationship with the father.
Mostly she tried to cope with the morning sickness and the increasing panic she was feeling. Continue reading “1.1 Warren Household”

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1.0 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –
Bonnie and Friends

Bonnie never imagined living anywhere but Willow Creek and when she found a house for sale on Courtyard Lane she instantly felt at home. 02-21-21_6-03-43 PM

It was much too big and expensive for a single Sim – especially one who struggled with finding work at first- but Bonnie had a plan.

02-21-21_7-32-55 PM

Since Honeydew Student Housing was going to be taken over by a fresh batch of students Julien was eager to move out and settle with a familiar face – at least for a while still.

02-21-21_6-09-48 PM

With fewer Sims around maybe he could finally get started on his aspiration.

Robin was also in need of a place to live and since she had recently been relocated to the Willow Creek PD it seemed like the most obvious choice to move in with Bonnie and Julien.

02-22-21_12-33-24 AM

Bonnie had of course not forgotten about Arnold, but it still seemed a bit too early in their relationship to be asking him to move in. He came over to hang out and chat – a lot.

02-21-21_9-26-31 PM

In fact, there seemed to never be a day when he didn’t stop by to woo Bonnie.
Our girl didn’t mind one bit…

02-21-21_6-03-04 PM

All the visiting and wooing did its job. Bonnie found the courage to take their relationship a step further…

02-21-21_8-53-13 PM

… and then a step further still.

02-21-21_6-06-32 PM

When Harvestfest rolled around Arnold had moved in.
At first Robin was a bit annoyed by it – mostly because she thought this meant that she and Julien would have to move out. Bonnie assured her that the house was big enough for the four of them and no one would be asked to move out.

02-22-21_10-22-51 AM

Robin calmed down and started longing for a relationship of her own.
She tried flirting with Keon when he came for a visit – It was not a success.

02-21-21_7-25-07 PM

Keon left shortly after, and it would be awhile before he came to visit again. Robin felt awkward about having put a dent in the friendship of their two households, but there really wasn’t much she could do about it.

Julien was still seeing Bryan – the already married professor. None of them were pursuing anything serious but kept the relationship going because they truly enjoyed each other’s company.

02-21-21_7-10-39 PM

Bonnie was not one to interfere in their relationship even if she did feel a bit strange having her old lover hang out and having woohoo with her housemate.

No one can say exactly when Julien and Robin “discovered” each other, but maybe it was when Robin asked about Julien’s polyamorous adventures. She was genuinely curious about his lifestyle and didn’t ask to pry or make a mockery of him. It was a something Robin had never really considered but the more they got to talking the more Robin found that Julien’s way of life might also fit her.

02-21-21_6-05-49 PM

Arnold, who is a bit of a romantic, suggested that the four of them go visit the Romance Festival – It was in town, and he had heard so many wonderful things about it.

02-22-21_11-42-04 AM

Bonnie liked the idea  – so did Robin and Julien.
When the afternoon was about to turn into evening they all put on some warm clothes and went to San Myshuno.

Bonnie was not prepared… not at all… but she was more than happy to accept the proposal. The vibe at the festival helped her overcome any doubts she might have had. She loved Arnold – she really did, but she was always worried that they were moving too fast.

02-22-21_10-46-24 AM02-22-21_10-50-45 AM

When the proposal turned into the two of them eloping  – right then and there – she was too baffled to protest it – and somewhere deep inside her, she secretly wanted someone to sweep her off of her feet – to take control and let her know that she was the one and there was no point waiting.

She felt happy and bubbly – She loved Arnold and Arnold loved her – What else mattered, really?

02-22-21_10-52-47 AM

Robin had been watching the whole thing and felt a sudden urge for romance.
When Julien happened to be nearby she grabbed him for a kiss… and Julien, well… he kissed her right back.

02-22-21_10-58-48 AM

Back at home the two newly-weds were getting ready to celebrate their love and new status.

02-22-21_11-27-51 AM

Robin and Julien… well they had a bit too much of the sakura tea and ended up also woohooing all night long.

02-22-21_11-28-18 AM

Now, there’s no telling how this will end – not at this time, but let’s hope Robin and Julien don’t end up in too complicated a situation.