Townie Life Challenge

Townie Life Challenge

(This challenge was created with inspiration from other challenges such as ISBI, Mooch Off Your Neighbour, The Hired Help challenge and Random Legacy Challenge)

[This is a WIP – Suggestions, Corrections and Testers Welcome!]

There are two main goals to this challenge besides having fun.

  • To help your Premades and Townies have more interesting lives.
  • To make enough simoleons for a fully functional house that is big enough for a family of at least 4 Sims

You’ve always taken great interest in your fellow Premade and Townie Sims and you want to learn as much as you possibly can about all of them. What makes them smile, cry, shout forbidden words, fall in love etc – what are their dreams and goals?

To learn as much as you can you have decided to sign up for the SimNation Townie Exchange Programme – because living among the Townies must be the best way to learn as much as possible while also helping them make good and healthy choices in their lives.

-Create a Teen Sim in CAS
-Use the randomizer for traits – you get 3 rolls – If you end up worse than you started out, too bad!
-You get to pick the last/third trait yourself if you and your Sim make it to Young Adult

-Pick an aspiration – any you want but make sure it’s one you can complete. If at some point you complete it you pick a new one.

-You play on whichever lifespan you prefer – shorter lifespan generally means a harder challenge.
-Autonomy and Aging need to be on (for all Sims)
-Move Sims Into Empty lots needs to be turned on
-I recommend activating whims too – that way it’s easier to get Satisfaction Points which will be a big help.

-If you normally play with mods go ahead and continue with that – just try to limit the ones that give you too many advantages.

-Move your Sim into any empty lot in the world (You can not build on it before your Sim has their Adult Birthday but you may use it for storage for dumpster finds etc)

-Buy one skill/simoleon-making item/combo from each category (A and B). These are all items that your Sim can store in their bag (inventory). Always pick the cheapest version of whatever item you decide on.

  • Guitar (A)
  • Violin (A)
  • Keyboard (A)
  • Microphone (A)
  • DJ Booth (A)
  • Beginner’s Yarn Basket (A)
  • Sales Table (pick any) (B)
  • Digitalistic Sketchpad + The Street Gallery (B)
  • Easel + The Street Gallery (B)

-Once you have bought your items also buy a cheap transportable bed (Gordian Cot or AirKushn Single) or a small tent.

-Cheat your simoleons down to 0 (ctrl+shift+c → testingcheats true → money 0)

-Put your stuff into your Sims inventory and you’re ready to go be an Exchange Townie.

-Do a roll to determine which family you are to live with (visit).
The Host-Family Rolls can be found further down.
Since I don’t know if you play in your own personal save, an old save, a brand new one or whatever the list will contain the name of all lots that are typically residential instead of the family names – you move in with the family that lives on the lot you roll. If no Premades or Townies live there you roll again until you end up on a roll that works. Same goes if there are packs you don’t have or if you roll the same family twice.

If you end up in a family with only one Sim and that Sims dies from old age while you are living there you move to a new host-family and try to complete your Weekly Task there instead.
Due to you being there in the dying Sims last moments they feel grateful towards you and you inherit 1200 simoleons (use the money cheat) and one item from their home that you can fit in your bag.

-Next, you do a roll to determine your weekly task.
The Weekly Task Rolls are also found further down.

Life With Your New Host-Family
You do not move your Sim in to be part of the household – you only visit them, meaning you can’t control the other Sims, you can’t build or buy for them* – you can’t sell their stuff etc. You simply walk up to their front door and knock on it. You live there as a guest.
*There are exceptions described further down the page

If no one answers when you knock on their front door it means that you can’t get in – I guess you forgot your key and will have to stay outside until someone arrives home.

If your host-family does not have a vacant bed for you, you are to use your transportable bed/tent and set it up anywhere you think you’ll be able to get a good nights rest (within their plot of land) – no camping off the grid!
You are allowed to move a couple of items to make room but all items must still be fully functional after you’ve moved them around.

Until you can buy the ”Always Welcome” trait (500 Satisfaction Points) from the Rewards Store you’re going to have a rough time because your hosts will not let you sleep, shower, make food etc – think of it as an adjustment period for you and your new host-family.

You, of course, want your host family to like you so you do everything within your power to improve your relationships with them meaning if something breaks, you fix it. If something gets dirty, you clean it etc. Once you have the ”Always Welcome” trait you also have to cook for the family if their fridge is empty (can’t get leftovers). Remember this costs you simoleons!
Anything else you can think of that might help your host-family you do when time allows.

If you feel that your host-family (not just you) could benefit from buying/building something (maybe they need a chess table or a computer to get better at their job?) you have to pay for it with your own simoleons – Totally not fair, I know.
(Ctrl+Shift +C → testingcheats true → bb.enablefreebuild)

While you’re a teenager you have to go to school at least 2 times a week and your grade can’t drop below C – so go to school in a good mood and remember to do your homework!
(You’ll be ported to your home-lot when your Sims goes to school – annoying, but that’s just the way the game is designed)

You want to make some simoleons because if you don’t have enough to build a home later in life or you’ll end up living on the street. This is where the item you bought earlier comes into play.
Note that you do not have to pay your bills since you don’t care if the power and water get shut off at your home-lot – You don’t live there anyway.

The most important rule for making simoleons is that you can NEVER sell items via the inventory.

Items you find in dumpsters can be stored on your lot or in your household inventory and may be used to furnish your house when you get to that part.
Items that are burnt can be salvaged using a Guntdach Home Recycler at any community center or family that owns one.
Any items you find that fits on the Sales Table (if you have picked that one) may be sold.

You are not allowed to participate in the lottery.

You can play an instrument/sing/DJ for tips – you may practice within your host-home for a few (4-5) hours each week (don’t strain the relationship with the family by making too much noise etc). If you have the Nifty Knitting pack you can pick the Beginner’s Yarn Basket and sell knitted items on Plopsy instead of earning tips via playing music.
If you want to earn more tips (if any at all) than what you get from these few hours of practising you have to leave the lot to play/sing/DJ.
You are allowed to use instruments etc that are on lots you visit – eg. the piano at a bar etc.

You can gather and/or create items to sell on the Sales Table – You may mark up the price by 50%
You can use whichever items the host-family has available when you move in to create and craft and you can go wherever you want to gather. You can also visit community lots to craft items, however, remember if you picked the Sales Table you can’t sell paintings.
You are allowed to breed frogs – but again they can only be sold on the sales table.

You can paint and sell the paintings on your Street Gallery – You may not mark up the price
The Street Gallery only allows you to sell paintings – but otherwise, the same rules as above apply here.

You are allowed to do Odd Jobs when time allows – remember you have to keep the host-family’s home clean and tidy and you have to keep your C grade as a minimum.
You are not allowed to have a normal teen-jobs.
Some odd jobs are rabbit holes meaning that you get ported home – I recommend signing up for a couple of odd jobs right after each other so that you make the most out of having been ported to your home lot – otherwise, this gets really frustrating.

You sign up to live with each host-family for a week. No more – no less!
Once a week has passed you gather up your belongings (your original A and B items, bed/tent, and whichever items you have gathered/crafted that fit in your bag/inventory + the simoleons you have earned) and move to a new host-family. You can’t bring the items you might have bought for the family so you have to leave that sweet new laptop you bought for them behind… sorry!

Young Adult
When your Sims reaches this milestone s/he gets to pick a third trait.
You can also pick a new aspiration if you would like to.

You are now done with school unless of course, you want to go to University/Magic School(?) – which you totally can just remember it takes up a lot of your time and you don’t really earn many simoleons from it. Also, keep in mind, you still have to do the following…

Your Not-So-New Goal in Life
You have really enjoyed the nomadic lifestyle of being an Exchange Townie so you continue that lifestyle as a Young Adult.

You do everything within your power to improve your host-family’s life – or wreak havoc on it – depending on which approach you decide to take.

You help the children and teens with their homework, you try to engage the family in skill-building activities, you cook for them, invite them on fun and character-building outings, introduce them to knew friends – basically, anything you can think of that would make a Premade/Townie family have a better and more fulfilling life – or you do the complete opposite!
At least their lives have become more interesting, right?!
Of course, you still have to do the cleaning, fixing and cooking you did as a teen.

You’re still restricted to making simoleons the way you used to.
So play/sing/DJ your heart out, gather and craft till you drop – and sell your items on the Sales Table/Street Gallery. Remember the occasional Odd Job if time allows.
Since you’re now a Young Adult you have been granted a license that allows you to sell other types of items on Plopsy. Yay! This can save you some time but you might not be able to sell a whole lot this way – Remember listings also costs 10§ for each item.
You might also be skilled enough that you can tutor skill-classes at Uni – It’s an option you have but the pay is really low compared to the time you spend on it.

Love, Marriage, Children etc.
Your Sim might fall in love, get (someone) pregnant etc – what to do then?
Well, it’s perfectly okay to fall in love, get engaged – even married and have children if that’s what your Sims wants.
However, you can not move in with your fiancé/spouse – and they can’t move with you. Same goes for any children you might have. They stay with the other parent (move them in via Manage Worlds) and can not be controlled by you.
If you get married to or have children with someone that’s part of a host-family they stay when you move on. If you have the child(ren) after moving to the next host-family you give the child to the other parent via Manage World.

Moving Premades/Townies
As a general rule, Sims can never be added to or removed from a household unless you have confirmation via notifications that a Sim has started dating (going out with) or broken up with someone or you get a Weekly Task that tells you to move someone in or out.
In case you want to move Sims around for one of the above-mentioned reasons, it needs to be done in a way that leaves minimum 1 Sim in the host-family so your played Sim doesn’t end up on the street.
Another way to add Sims to a household would be via birth – which is ofc allowed.

The Finishing Line
You’re done with this challenge once your Sim reaches their Adult birthday and has built/bought their house.
If you like to have something that count’s as a score it’s the amount of simoleons your Sim has after paying your bills but before building their house.
Whatever money you have on your Sim’s Adult Birthday is what you have available to build/buy a house for. You already have a lot to build it on – remember to pay your bills first.
If you have a spouse/fiancé and/or children around the world you can now move them in to live with you.
The house needs to be big enough that your entire family or at least 4 Sims can live there comfortably.

TWIST (additional “rules” you can use if you want)
Your host-family might have issues that you try to fix the best you can or take advantage of depending on which approach you take – yes, this means you’re a busy-body sticking your nose where it doesn’t really belong but you do it because you want to help (Yeah, right!) so your heart is in the right place… at least… maybe?!

You are of course only a Sim, and Sims come with all sorts of quirks and flaws – no one is perfect!

Instead of making the lives of your fellow Sims better and easier, you might end up making them way worse…

Maybe you mean well but somehow you end up making a mess of things anyway – who knows what’s really going on in your head?! You sure don’t!

You might even be a sick and twisted individual who enjoys wreaking havoc on their lives. If your ultimate goal is to create chaos you still have to keep the place tidy and neat so all rules still apply – instead of happy Townies, your aim is just not-so-happy Townies.

Whether you want to add a twist is up to you and only you can set the rules for this part. It’s just meant as an additional fun element. It requires you to use your imagination to think up scenarios and solutions. Make it FUN and Crazy!

Host-Family Rolls [1-131]

Willow Creek
1. Cypress Terrace – 2. Oakenstead – 3. Hallow Slough – 4. Ophelia Villa – 5. Umbrage Manor – 6. Parkshore – 7. Potter’s Splay – 8. Brook Bungalow – 9. Riverside Roost – 10. Pique Hearth – 11. Rindle Rose – 12. Bargain Bend – 13. Streamlet Single – 14. Crick Cabana – 15. Daisy Hovel – 16. Garden Essence

Oasis Springs

17. Sandtrap Flat – 18. Nookstone – 19. Pebble Burrow – 20. Slipshod Mesquite – 21. Agave Abode 22. Vista Quarry – 23. Rafia Quinta – 24. Dusty Turf – 25. Springscape – 26. Cacti Casa – 27. Granada Place – 28. Arid Ridge – 29. Sultry Springside – 30. Rio Verde – 31. Affluista Mansion – 32. Yuma Heights


33. The Lighthouse – 34. Mid-NoWhere – 35. Pier Palace – 36. Dock Den 37. Von-Windeburg Estate – 38. Coorinberg Cottage – 39. Cottage Am See – 40. Rustic Residence – 41. Dresden House – 42. The Summer Home – 43. – Proprietor’s Square – 44. Havisham House – 45. Factory One – 46. Waterlock Redoubt

San Myshuno

47. One of the Alto Apartments – 48. One of the Landgraab Apartments – 49. 888 Spire Apartments – 50. One of the Culpepper House Apartments – 51. One of the Jasmine Suites Apartments – 52. The Old Salt House – 53. One of the Medina Studios Apartments – 54. One of the Hakim House Apartments – 55. FountainView Penthouse – 56. One of the ZenView Apartments – 57. One of the Chic Street Apartments – 58. Torendi Tower Penthouse

Forgotten Hollow

59. Straud Mansion – 60. Wolfsbane Manor – 61. Garliclauter Place – 62. Widowshild Townhome – 63. Fledermaus Bend

Brindleton Bay
64. It’s A Good House – 65. Domus Familiaris – 66. Sporting Space – 67. Catscratch Cottage – 68. Ragdoll Refurb – 69. Tail’s End – 70. Chateau Frise – 71. Bedlington Boathouse – 72. Hound’s Head – 73. Dachshund’s Creek – 74. Hindquarter Hideaway

Del Sol Valley

75. Vacuous Green – 76. Inner Circle – 77. Upland Place – 78. Chateau Peak – 79. The Ward Den – 80. Bailey-Moon Manor


81. Carpophagous Corner – 82. Slip 42 – 83. Cliff Side Crest – 84. Creek Corner Cove – 85. Plateau Place – 86. Dream Weavers Way – 87. StrangerVille Overlook


88. Reef Finery – 89. Journey’s End – 90. Pier Perfection – 91. Sand Simoleon Beach – 92. Sapphire Shores – 93. Admiral’s Wreckage – 95. Caldera Camp – 96. Key Point – 97. Kin-Ship – 98. Chieftain’s Villa – 99. Lagoon Look – 100. Tangled Flat


101. Rock Ridge Canyon – 102. Creek Side Corner – 103. Brooks Bridge Borough – 104. Glimmerbrook Watch


105. Honeydew Fields – 106. Mossy Lane – 107. Spring Steppes

Evergreen Harbor
108. Miner Mansion – 109. Rockridge Springs – 110. One of the Stonestreet Apartments – 111. Pigulock Manor – 112. Canal Corner – 113. One of the Pinecrest Apartments – 114. The Old Mill – 115. The Shipping Views – 116. The Portsmouth Promenade

117. Twin Oracle Point – 118. Avarice Acres – 119. Rippling Flats – 120. Tranquil Crescent – 121. Asphalt Abodes – 122. Fern Park – 123. Beech Byway – 124. Midtown Meadows – 125. Oak Alcove – 126. Comfy Cubby – 127. Cookout Lookout – 128. Civic Cliffs – 129. Hillside Highlands – 130. Optimist’s Outlook – 131. Sandy Run

Take Me To The Top!

Weekly Task Rolls [1-26]
Each week you roll to get a new Weekly Task that you need to complete. If you roll something that can’t be done like adopting a pet into a family of 8 you re-roll until you get something that can be done.

1. Party Time
You throw a huge party for your host-family and as many of your friends as you can fit. The party, of course, needs to take place at the host-families house. You also make sure to go out and party with your host-family at bars and nightclubs during the week.

2. Healthy Townies
You care about your host-family’s health and try your best to have them eat healthy the entire week. You also bring them all along to enjoy the gym or spa with you a couple of times during your stay.

3. Mischievous Imp
You’re going through a bit of a phase and you just can’t help it. You need to gain at least two levels to your Mischief skill this week and your host-family is the target of most of your impish behaviour. Remember, you don’t have to turn mean and evil for this – you can make most of it into playful teasing.

4. Gift Giver
You find so many cool things all the time – Make sure you gift some of them to your host-family. Each Sim in the host-family must receive at least two gifts from you this week.

5. Interior Designer
You just know this place would be so much cooler if just…
You get to re-design a room in the host-family’s house. You can however only use the same amount of items as you remove. So if you sell one chair you can add a new, if you sell one skill-building item you can add a new etc. This expense is paid by the host-family. You can only change furniture, wallpaper and floors.

6. Plant a Garden
Find room for a garden – even if it’s just a small vertical one. Plant whatever you like and can get your hands on. Make sure the garden is taken good care of while you’re there.

7. Adopt a Pet
Nothing brings a family together like a new pet, right?!
Adopt a stray cat or dog and give it to your host-family via Manage Worlds. You of course also pay for the most essential items: Bowl for food, pet bed, 1 toy and if it’s a cat a litterbox and a scratching post too.

8. Dining Out
At least once this week bring your host-family out for a nice meal. This can, of course, be done at a restaurant but you might not be able to afford that so a trip to the local food stand is acceptable too.

9. Hobbies
You decide to introduce each Sim in the host-family to a new hobby and spend some hours this week doing this activity with them. Maybe Bob Pancakes has expressed a burning desire to learn how to play chess and Eliza wants to learn fishing?

10. Part of The Gang
Make a club for you and the host-family. If there’s enough room for it invite some friends to join as well. Activities could be anything you think is fun. You have to leave the club at the end of your week with this family but you might enjoy seeing them out in the world on club-outings later on.

11. Festival Fun
Visit all the festivals that pop up this week and bring as many from the host-family as you can each time. Don’t make them leave work for it etc. Once there make sure you engage in fun festival-related activities with them.

12. Karaoke Nights
The joy of singing is even better when shared, right?!
Take your host-family out for a fun karaoke night or two or three… and enjoy the beautiful singing and camaraderie.

13. Best Friend
Have your best friend visit as much as possible during this week, If your best friend is a Sim from the current host-family then make it your next best friend. Spend time with the friend – don’t just invite and leave them to do their own thing. Try to arrange is so that your best friend stays for family meals etc – it should feel almost like having a second Exchange Townie living there.

14. Social Ladder
Knowing the right Sims can make a huge difference so this week you to introduce your host-family to as many of your friends and acquaintances as possible. Invite them over and use the Friendly-menu “Other Sims…” to have them to go chat to each other.

15. Mini Vacation
You and your host-family go on a mini-vacation (1 night) to either Granite Falls or Selvadorada. Make the most of this short trip with lots of fun and/or skill-building activities. You pay for the trip but get half the expenses covered by the SimNation Cultural Explorer’s Society.

16. Storytime
You arrange for lots of nights by the bonfire with thrilling group stories and roasted marshmallows. The host-family most likely don’t own a place to facilitate these evenings so you either buy/make one or find a place in the world where you can go and have your roasted marshmallows and your ghost stories. Editing a park to have the required items is 100% okay.

17. Match-Maker
If there’s a single Sim in your host-family old enough to be in a romantic relationship you do your best to find love for them. You invite over friends and acquaintances and set the mood with romantic music, movies etc – remember to introduce the Sims to each other and then turn on those cheesy romance tunes and TV-shows. If you feel like it, you can even change one lot trait to Romantic Aura.
If there is no single Sims in the host-family you instead find a friend who is single and try your best to find them love.

18. Cool Cowplant!
Do everything you can to acquire a cowplant berry and make it grow in your host-family’s garden. If you’ve rolled to live with a host-family who resides in an apartment or on a very small lot you can instead go plant the cowplant in the nearest park.
(You are allowed to re-arrange furniture and whatnot to make the cowplant fit – you just can’t sell anything and every item must still be functional)

19. New House
Your presence has inspired the host-family to buy a new house. Don’t worry they’ll pay for this themselves.
You can either build them a new house from scratch with the funds they have available after bulldozing their current one or you can have them move to another lot where there’s a house waiting for them. Again they must be able to afford this house once they have sold their old one. Furthermore, it must fit the family so no 2 bedroom houses for an 8-Sim family etc. If you don’t like building it’s perfectly okay to download a house from the gallery.

20. Secret Romance
You fall madly in love with someone from your host-family. Try your best to have a full-fledged romance going with them – if they are married/engaged you HAVE to keep it a secret. If despite all your careful planning and sneaking around, the spouse/fiancé finds out you must have the original couple divorce/split up (unless they do it autonomously) and one of them move out. (For the split and move you have to briefly play as the family so do that via Manage World).

If you’re playing a teenager when rolling this you can either re-roll or have a romance with another teenager. If the household does not have any teenagers your Sim meets someone in school or whatever your imagination tells you. This romance must be kept a secret too – as best you can. If discovered (Sims walking in on you while flirting/kissing) you have to break up the relationship.

21. Family Holiday
Make a holiday in the calendar that fits your current host-family. It must have 5 traditions and you need to celebrate it with the family while living there. You can either delete the holiday once you move on or simply keep it to make it a national holiday for all Sims in the future.

22. Haunted House
Somehow your presence in this house has caused some disturbances in the cosmos.
You have to use a random roll to change two lot traits for the duration of the week. You roll for two of the following: 1. Quake Zone – 2. Mean Vibe – 3. Cursed – 4. Grody – 5. Gremlins – 6. Filthy – 7. Haunted – 8. Creepy Crawlies – 9. Volcanic Activity
If by chance you’re in a house/apartment that already has one of these you only need to roll for one new lot trait.
Remember to change the traits back before you move on!

23. No Power
Your host-family forgot to pay their bills this week and this means no electricity and no water – unless by chance they already have some off-the-grid items in their house.
If you want a shower you can visit a community lot that has showers – like a gym or spa.
You achieve this by changing one lot trait to Off-the-Grid.

24. Wannabe Stylist
Colours make everything more fun and you have managed to convince your host-family about this too. For each Sim in the host-family, you roll a colour and then you change all their outfits to represent that colour – you may even change their hair to match too (do this via Manage World)
If your Sim want to join the colour-fun they are, of course, welcome to do so.
You roll for the following colours: 1. Red – 2. Blue – 3. Green – 4. Brown – 5. Grey – 6. Black – 7. Orange – 8. Yellow – 9. White – 10. Pink – 11. Purple.

25. Eco-Friend
Add the Reduce and Recycle lot trait and do everything within your power to reduce waste and recycle everything from dirty plates to couches that got ruined in a housefire. Use some of the bits and pieces you get from this to create exciting new items for your host-family.

26. Uncle Floyd or Auntie Florence
Your host-family’s long lost Uncle or Auntie has returned home from their adventures and now needs a place to live. You create a Sim in CAS – either Uncle Floyd or Auntie Florence and have them move in with your host-family via Manage Worlds. For extra fun think up a story about what adventures they might have been on and make their looks match that story. Have they studied alien life on Sixam, explored the jungle of Selvadorada?

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