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Back in The Saddle – On a New Horse!

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OK – time to face the harsh facts. The old Early Years save had become near impossible to fix so I’m starting over. If you want to read the old entries you can find them here.

Starting over also means I get to start fresh and change some things that I didn’t really feel worked so well in the old save. Yay for change!

I’ll be playing in SweetieWright_84’s save file – the [Non-Populated] version. You can find it here: Save Files by SweetieWright_84

I’ve populated it with all my aged down Premade Families. You can find them on the gallery. My Origin ID is Onyeka001

Layout wise I’ll stick to the old idea of around 500-600 words (I’ll try!), max 10 screenshots, a Life Decision Poll (LDP) and a Sim week worth of game time for each entry. Voting will be done here and on Twitter – so if you follow me on both platforms you get to vote twice.
Due to Twitter limitations and whatnot the polls there will only run for 2 days after the relevant chapter goes live.

The result of Life Decision Polls will be written about in a short extra chapter for the relevant family.

Since I have all the Premades aged down by now I won’t be writing about and making polls for every family for every rotation. Writing and voting will be based on two parameters:

  • How I feel the family played out during gameplay – Is there enough drama for a vote? Does the family face life-changing events? Etc.
  • Who won the Play Next Poll and will thus be getting extra focus?

Which family I play next in the rotation is determined by Play Next Polls (PNP) held on Twitter. I do a poll between four families and the one that gets the most votes will be the one played first and with the most focus, meaning that family will most likely get a chapter and a Life Decision Poll. The other three families from the Play Next Poll will be played too but with less focus – unless something extraordinary happens they do not get a chapter/Life Decision Poll.

In case a poll (LDP or PNP) ends in a tie I get to decide the final outcome (basically vote).

Rotation One

GreenburgLDP | LoboLDP | AltoLDP | Eclectic ArtsLDP |

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